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Hey All - Need to hem my slim jims - any ideas where I can get orange thread to match - ? Thoughts appreciated.
Quote: Originally Posted by bare bodkin My Acnes only lasted a year. Fuck Acne. same here
Quote: Originally Posted by taxgenius69 Is the $800 for MTM and $2k for bespoke? Not clear to me - In speaking with him the 2k figure was the only one he mentioned - he spoke only of bespoke nothing was mentioned regarding mtm
Quote: Originally Posted by riverrun I was walking down the stairs after picking something up from Carl and noticed the open door and bolts of cloth at Cardelino. Pedro was in there alone working on something and was very friendly. He was the opposite of a salesman - very complementary of the suit I was wearing that another ny tailor made me. But saw my interest and showed me a couple jackets he's working on, some of which were still in pieces (he was...
Quote: Originally Posted by uluvbs He made a coat for me, and I would not go back. It wasn't a total disaster, per se, but I really didn't enjoy the experience, and I am not happy with the coat. I do not have a lot of experience getting stuff custom-made in general, but I would prefer to take my chances elsewhere. Same here- two suits- the first was ok, I thought we were on the road for a very good second suit, but it really turned out...
I've had experience with both and they are different animals - the schott is way warmer and better made - it's a classic piece and I wear it more
I've got a pair of vintage florshiems from ebay - couldn't be more happy with them and if I find them in other colors (mine are brown) I wouldn't hesitate to pick them up. I get lots of good feedback on them.
for awhile I was collecting vintage timex's off of ebay. I have a great Marlin from 1964 with a mechanical movement, works great........spent $40 on it. There is a small community that collects them and they are good pieces. They were mostly mechanical until the mid 60's when they went to early quartz and then the current configurations. I'd check out ebay - lots to look at even the current models and nobody is interested in faking a timex
Quote: Originally Posted by GQhustler Yea I mean I definitely may have come off too obsessive, although I didn't think I was. Maybe they are just used to people being very passive about what they want, I don't know. I guess I should just take this as a lesson learned because I am still new at the whole tailoring thing. \\ It sounds like you were dealing mostly with the son (?) I've found Pedro, the father, to be generally very good and I...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo To ressurrect the thread a bit, I've put together a tentative schedule for the first 3 days. Any comments/thoughts are welcomed. Day 1 (Wednesday) Arrive at hotel at 9am - breakfast at Hotel Empire State Building/Top of the Rock Grand Central Station Lunch at Jean Georges Times Square Dinner at Hagi Sake Bar Day 2 (Thursday) Breakfast at hotel The Metropolitan Museum Lunch somewhere in/near Central...
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