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if you want a mechanical watch , Seiko is probably your best bet, you can get alot of models for around 100 dollars in both diver models and classic stainless steel dressier models. you can also get a Gruen automatic watch for 40 plus shipping from ebay, but not sure if they are still sold anymore. Here is a photo of the one I own, but this is GMF's photo I borrowed:
i do think i remember Polo in general whether it is EG or CJ, the size is US and in D. so those would be 10-10.5 D in US sizing i believe. i will check my polo tellmans, i remember it being 10D on the inside , i would get a photo but my wife has my camera right now...
those are SHWEEET!!!. very nice. do they all come standard with toe taps now?
black Allen Edmonds Park Avenues?
i think they are pretty strict with even using Nordstrom in a plural sense. "there are 3 Nordstrom in my city" is what they want to hear; kind of like deer. also , there is no possessive noun of Nordstrom, like Nordstrom's. it is, "that shirt ? oh, that is Nordstrom. " or "wow, that setup is very Nordstrom"
Quote: Originally Posted by rnoldh A friend of mine at work, asked me to help him pick out and buy a new laptop. It shows how little he knows in that he asked for my help. My main questions are should I recommend Vista or not, and does anyone know of a good value? I'm thinking in terms of a $750 price. A dual core Intel processor, with 1 Gig or more of Ram, and a DVD drive(he says that he can't imagine ever burning a DVD, but I think a DVD burner...
i would consider bologna construction a mid point between goodyear and blake in terms of simplicity/complexity of construction. i dont think goodyear as being absolutely good quality and blake being absolutely bad quality. there is just a stigma of goodyear being great and blake being bad. there are some very premium blakes out there like martegani. materials and technique used are tops. there are also low quality goodyears out there. check out cole haan...
thanks guys. yes moth balls would be a good idea if i had the stair well and porch to myself. i share it with my neighbors and also the lawnmower man comes blowing everything away with his leaves blower every morning.! i like the water gun idea. i want to fill it with some stanky acidic skin piercing liquid and start squirting them like a madman. one time i thought of boiling a large pot of water, and then sneak up one night behind one and dump it on the stanky...
you are saying these are half size too small for you? yes, these are my size. i remember my 10D foot fitting into a 10-10.5 Polo shoe grant and other Purple label. these are sweet. really sweet. this is better price than that grant sale last week.
well, i dont have an issue with cats per se. i love cats , nice ones, owned ones that are cared for. with responsible owners. stray scraggly cats running amuck causing danger is what i have an issue with
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