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Schneider Bee Cardigan, F/W '13. Indigo-Grey Melange, Size V. 60% Wool, 25% Mohair, 15% Nylon. Made in Belgium. 9.5/10 Condition. Worn indoors only, stored flat. Shoulder to shoulder: 17.5" Pit to pit: 20" Bottom opening: 18" Overall length: 27" Sleeve length: 25" $350 shipped in CONUS. Please PM me with any questions.
Thanks. How does the sizing compare/contrast?
Can someone comment on the 15.5's material? How can it be "raw" if it has 2% elastane? I'm not a denim expert so I'd like to know.
Wow, that's an awesome deal.
+1This is what I do. Plus, you can also return it after the fact if you keep things clean and neat.
Same here. I'm back down to my ideal weight now and it feels great.
Now, this is a great idea!
I have a couple, including a bomber jacket that I've had for years and has traveled everywhere with me. I'm actually surprised it's still in one piece. Their jackets and outerwear are decent, but I would never (and have never) pay full retail - only worth getting things on deep discount IMO.
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