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Do you mean a guayabera shirt? If so, the hem is traditionally straight. There are some old threads on the forum if you do a search
I'm 6 ft as well and my experience with Camoshita suit jackets/blazers is that the pattern is great in the chest, shoulders and sleeves, but it's just too short in the body for me. If you have a short torso or just generally prefer a short jacket, it could work for you. I'm typically an EU50 and I need to size up to 52 for Camoshita. If they made longs, I'd be all over them. I don't have any problems with the length of their shirts, & outerwear though (never tried...
Other than the shirt collar, this one gives me an American trad vibe more than anything
In my experience G&G sizing is similar to Edward Green
George Howell sold a natural process single origin Yemen mocha earlier this year but it was very limited. @patrickBooth , based on your comments in this thread, I think you might like Bowery Coffee's drip coffee (they only use a Fetco batch brewer). Their roast profile is more developed than any of the downtown manhattan 3rd wave cafés
I think the the highest point of the F last's instep is relatively high, but the slope of the instep is steeper than the P2. I found the P2's instep more gradual and therefore slightly more accommodating at the lower laces (if that makes any sense at all)
Those illy cans are only 8oz and I see them anywhere from $12-$15 per can. That's fairly pricey! The best prices I've found from a quality roaster offering interesting single origin stuff is CQ Coffee.Edit: you could try contacting Counter Culture to see if you could buy one of those large bags that cafés use. If that isn't possible, I've found their Rustico blend to be relatively cheap (sub $15 for 12oz) and very versatile.And while I'm on the subject of Counter...
I have no experience with AE but typically with Edward Green people drop half a size from their US size. Regarding the width, a US EEE width would put you in an Edward Green F width. In your case you should prob start with a UK 8F in Edward Green and go from there
Thanks for the great interview. This sort if content is much appreciated here.
Hi Antonio, thanks for maintaining this thread with current info. Will MTM be available in the Lorenzo cut? Also, how much can one change the pants when doing MTM (ie rise, pleats, etc)?
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