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Not really sure what you mean by marking the brand labels but if i read you correctly, you mean marking the label somehow (with marker or scissors) to indicate that it was from the sample sale? If that is what you mean, the answer is no, the labels were not marked in any way to indicate that they were from the sample sale. If you're referring to prices being marked on the labels the answer is no, there were no prices marked on the clothes themselves, only a printed...
Cool thread, thanks for contributing some fresh content
@gdl203 As for suggestions, a heavy wool balmacaan (Camoshita? Anatomica? Coherence?) and some Lorenzo cut trousers from Eidos would be cool. An option for Formosa trousers with higher rise and a pleat(s) would be cool too.
@gdl203, can you corner Kamoshita-San at Pitti and force him to produce jackets/suits in normal lengths? Or to offer longs? Please?
Size EU50 Eidos Napoli Shearling Coat from the current Autumn 2015 collection. MSRP on this coat is $2995. It is new with a tag attached in the front left pocket but full disclosure, it was sourced from the Eidos/Isaia NYC sample sale held in December 2015. I say this because while I haven't worn it, it may (or may not) be the same exact shearling coat worn in the Eidos Autumn 2015 lookbook and "The Correspondent" storybook on the Eidos website. Perhaps I can ask...
I've had delivery guys falsify delivery info to satisfy tracking deadlines. If a delivery is "attempted", the customer can't make a complaint and ask for a refund. Also, if their boss/employer believes that they should've been able to make it through their route before the end of the day, the delivery guy just covers his ass by saying a delivery was attempted. Usually the package gets delivered the following day.
I'll venture a guess and say it's Minotaur
orSlow seems too widely available given what Greg just said. If it was some sort of simple but well made basics brand, I'd guess something more like Yaeca.
Eidos orders seem to arrive relatively on time though and they can operate an email account which makes it American
Eidos seems like a strange target to come after in this sense -- they're a small Italian brand that is being revived (not completely rebranded) by a talented designer. His vision for the brand is modern but seems pretty firmly rooted in Italian styling. The brand itself existed before Antonio and it will probably exist after him -- it's always been a sub-brand of Isaia. It's not completely out of the question to have Napoli in the name. For what it's worth, Isaia...
New Posts  All Forums: