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There is a Caruso store on 57th Street
If you're in NYC, Email the guys at No Man Walks Alone and make an appointment to try on their Sartoria Formosa and Eidos Napoli stuff. Alternatively I'd check out Ring Jacket at The Armoury -- though it's made in Japan, it's more Italian than a lot of italian brands.
Barrington's Kintamani (from Bali) is a great coffee. The strawberry note is like a mild Ethiopian natural but combined with the cedar/herbal notes, it's really a unique indonesian coffee.For anyone looking for some Ninety Plus and other fancy/high end lots, Turning Point Coffee (from San Francisco) is a good sourceI've also been meaning to report back on Fundamental Coffee in Seattle that I ordered. The roast profiles are in the very dark oily range but it's better than...
Margaret Howell usually makes one or two traditional outerwear pieces in Ventile. Here are a few examples:
The LIDO is not overkill for non-espresso use -- it was designed with coffee brewing in mind. I've had an original LIDO for 4 years and with daily use, it's still as good as ever. I've thought about getting the newest version but there really isnt anything wrong with my current one. A significant step up from the Porlex, which i had before that.
I just ordered the Kenya single origin to give Fundamental a try. Hopefully it shows a different profile than the savory tomato orange flavors that so many 3rd wave roasters seem to promote in their kenyan coffees.
Paging @patrickBOOTH and other darker roast fans who want to buy from smaller roasters. Have you ordered from Fundamental before? The interview is sort of interesting in the same way Coffee Contrarian is interesting.
@gdl203 any chance you can post measurements for the lorenzo pants? I know they are supposed to be slightly wider than the Sal but with no returns, measurements would be more reassuring. Just trying to see if the Lorenzo provides an actual fit alternative to the Sal or if the main difference is styling. Thanks
Not really sure what you mean by marking the brand labels but if i read you correctly, you mean marking the label somehow (with marker or scissors) to indicate that it was from the sample sale? If that is what you mean, the answer is no, the labels were not marked in any way to indicate that they were from the sample sale. If you're referring to prices being marked on the labels the answer is no, there were no prices marked on the clothes themselves, only a printed...
Cool thread, thanks for contributing some fresh content
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