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After handling and trying on the Formosa stuff, I have to agree. If the measurements look ok for you, I can't think of a better RTW suit to buy even at the original price
Stopped by after they sized them up. I tried on a few different sizes of pants just to see if any of them were doable and unfortunately they weren't -- just the wrong shape for me and tailoring wasn't going to fix it. The jacket was great though and I've been thinking about it since. If there was something like a hopsack blazer available, I'd be all over it.
Hi Greg, I came by once and actually tried on the trousers -- nothing wrong with them as far as anyone else should be concerned, they were just weren't the right cut for me at all (needed a lot more rise, thighs a little slim and would need the waist taken in so far that they would need to be re-cut). I was really impressed with the suits though and it pains me that I'm a tough fit for trousers in general.
It's the pants that are stopping me. Would've bought one in each fabric otherwise. Started to consider the birdseye navy for a dressier navy blazer but I have no idea what I'd do with the pants (and can't remember how textured the birdseye really is in person)
I've tried on a EEE modified last as well as Vass standard width 3636, P2 and F last. I would think that a Vass P2 in a G (or H) width would come the closest to a EEE modified. Vass does offer a Banana last but I've never seen it in person so I can't comment if it resembles the modified or not.I've always found the modified last's heel cup to be especially suited to my foot and the Vass P2 and F last heel cups had that satisfyingly snug yet supportive fit as well.
Roguls, I think you mean 43 wide (since he said he's a uk9 in Herring and Carmina which is analogous to 43 in Vass P2 last). If you actually meant 42, then I can't say I agree
The 2"/5cm cuff thing was loooooooong before 2009 and would be hard to attribute to Ambrosi specifically
Thanks for the clarification!
I'll agree with you that scientific explanations from non-scientists deserve skepticism and the bus analogy is full of potential flaws. But it doesn't mean the opposite is true either (ie that the PPM of the water doesn't affect extraction rates of coffee at all). Anyway, a basic and easy test is to taste coffee brewed with distilled and coffee brewed with Fiji (I like doing the test with a Clever since it's not the most sensitive brewing method). Is the difference just...
Between distilled water and Fiji, it makes a noticeable difference. Water going into a (good) coffee shop is often measured, filtered and augmented to make for better coffee and espresso.
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