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Here are some quick phone pics. I'm not sure there's much to tell from the pics other than that the bag has held up very well and the hardware & stitching has stayed solid. I chose black way back when, but the green that Greg has is also considered a classic color for the Tanker series. I'm not sure if Greg is stocking the model that I have but looking back I sort of wish I bought the 3-way that Greg has in stock (the 3-way has a similar shape but it's more versatile).
Not sure if Greg will remember, but I came in a couple months ago with my black Tanker that is pushing 15 yrs old and he noticed it right away. I've abused it with daily use and lots of travel and it's still going strong. And the added bonus of Ura Hara 90's nostalgia is sort of fun too
If you go with a Paul Stuart suit, I don't think you'd need to use an outside tailor unless you have some sort of established relationship with an alterations tailor elsewhere. Their in house tailors are fairly competent and they don't charge for most alterations. They do charge for more substantial stuff like re-cutting pants but it's always been less than I'd pay elsewhere.
They should be the same...the only difference between them is the shape of the toe
I've found that a lot of places updose to mitigate the problems of the quicker draining pour over devices (such as Hario V60). The updosing leaves you with a strong but under-extracted cup that has a lot of aroma. Sometimes that can actually taste good, but more often than not I find that it's just the strength of the coffee masking the off flavors while it's hot. If anyone here has ever read the Blue Bottle book, there is a lot of discussion about how in Japan they use...
not all coffees weigh the same either so measuring by tablespoons can be variable. But it's understandable that not everyone has (or wants to use) a scale. Just know that you can't really nail down all the brew variables without one. The side of the bags that come from Klatch say "Measure 2 tablespoons of ground coffee per 6 ounces of water". Stumptown's various brew guides on their website imply that one tablespoon of coffee is approx 7grams.
sorry about that, didn't mean to sound alarmist
What's up with the ties on sale going progressively up in price? Edit: just saw greg's response a few pages back. More expensive Drakes ties that I don't really need makes me sad.
Predominantly Kalita Wave, Chemex and Beehouse. If a coffee just won't cooperate (usually because it's roasted way too lightly) I use a Clever or Bonavita Immersion Brewer. I find that immersion/steeping methods can salvage under-roasted coffees much more easily than other pour-over methods. I also like to use an immersion brewer for a small first cup when I'm using a new coffee. It's sort of my foolproof way to get a decent first impression of a coffee. I'm not a...
I've never heard of what you're referring to with actually dumping out part of an espresso shot. The confusion between singe/double/triple is fairly common though. It's fairly safe to assume that almost nobody in a "third wave" cafe in the US uses a single basket. The only thing that would really clear it up would be to ask how many grams of coffee per espresso shot. I once asked a random barista at Third Rail how many grams per shot he used and he said 27 to 31 grams...
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