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I've had delivery guys falsify delivery info to satisfy tracking deadlines. If a delivery is "attempted", the customer can't make a complaint and ask for a refund. Also, if their boss/employer believes that they should've been able to make it through their route before the end of the day, the delivery guy just covers his ass by saying a delivery was attempted. Usually the package gets delivered the following day.
I'll venture a guess and say it's Minotaur
orSlow seems too widely available given what Greg just said. If it was some sort of simple but well made basics brand, I'd guess something more like Yaeca.
Eidos orders seem to arrive relatively on time though and they can operate an email account which makes it American
Eidos seems like a strange target to come after in this sense -- they're a small Italian brand that is being revived (not completely rebranded) by a talented designer. His vision for the brand is modern but seems pretty firmly rooted in Italian styling. The brand itself existed before Antonio and it will probably exist after him -- it's always been a sub-brand of Isaia. It's not completely out of the question to have Napoli in the name. For what it's worth, Isaia...
@NickPollica Just to clarify your comments on the Lorenzo trouser having a wider leg, do you mean that the Lorenzo is wider than the Sal throughout (while sharing a higher rise)? Or just that in general, the Lorenzo has a wider leg (irrespective of the Sal). I'm interested because the Sal is too narrow for me in the leg and I'm trying to figure out how the Lorenzo fits in relation for an MTO. Thanks
@clee1982In the Fall of 2014, I tried on the Cantarelli jackets at NMWA and I have some basic "Paul" model suits. I am a 40R (or 40 semi) in the Paul Stuart Paul model. On the Cantarelli stuff at NMWA, I fit well into a 52R (or even a 52L because the jackets are a bit short). Both Greg and I agreed that the 40R Cantarelli was too narrow in the shoulders and too short.
I don't think they've ever really carried it -- the most they ever had was a shirt or two
They have done trunk shows in Hong Kong, but didnt have any association with The Armoury
@Murlsquirl looks great -- what cut is the jacket based on (ie 184, etc)
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