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make me an offer! Price drop!
New Naked & Famous Denim Slim Shirt in Lightweight Chambray in size medium. Great shirt but too slim for me, tried once forgotten in my closet. Can post measurements and real life pics if needed.
Hi, I have a brand new in box, never worn Orient Bambino v3 in blue. Can ship anywhere in the Contiental USA or Europe for cheap! http://orientwatchusa.com/er2400ld Can provide more pics as needed! thanks!
updated with corrected size... its actually a medium.
make an offer... i am willing to drop the price but cant edit the original
Hi all, I am selling a Gustin Trucker jacket in brown I bought last year and have never wore. http://www.styleforum.net/t/512724/nwt-gustin-trucker-jacket-waxed-brown-size-l
Hi all, I have a Gustin Trucker Jacket Waxed Brown jacket I bought a year ago and is a bit too snug for me. I tried it on once and never used it again so its brand new. $130 + shipping in the US or Europe (cheap shipping ~5-10 $ or euro depending on where) Here are the Gustin pictures: https://www.weargustin.com/store/2608 I will add mine in a bit.
Thanks... U think the 3sixteen is worth double the price? Any other info u can provide would be great.
anyone have any experince with the CONE BLUEXBLACK? Is it comparable to the 3sixteen shadow selvedge?
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