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Saw them in person in Germany. Quality is not so nice. Probably won't kop unless on sale. My fave merino wool is smart wool long johns
MA-1 Blouson in Burgundy fit pics: I am 6'2" 195.. in Size L. A bit poofy like usual: Thoughts?
are the UU sweatshirts that nice? I think they have some here in Germany
Does anyone have any pics of these Uniqlo U sweatshirts? might look at around at my local store if they are that good
Anyone have any thoughts on the WARM TECH DOWN COAT? Thinking about copping one for the winter but looks kinda bulky... and the hood is kinda crap
I really like the U t shirts with the droopy pocket. Nice fabric
I copped 2 of the Uniqlo U MA-1 Blousons here in Germany for 30 euros each. Couldn't decide between the red and olive colored ones so i bought both.. They fit quite full but lock good eventhough they aren't slim fitting. Only thing is the zippers are kind of hard to pull on... any ideas on how to fix them?
anyone have any recommendation between the uniqlo MA-1 and the OG Alpha industries one? pricing is quite close if you catch the alpha one on sale.
Another price drop!
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