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is it possible to get that filson x levi trucker anymore?
price drop!
i just copped a seiko SSC081 for cheap on amazon. t i love the style.
does anyone have any recommendations on where to get a "cheap" omega speedmaster (moon watch). i really love that style. i also just copped a seiko SSC081 for cheap. probably not expensive enough for this thread but i love the style.
Gustin: any comments on the olive vs navy duffel in real life? It looks like the olive shows the waxed cotton much more than the navy blue? Also, is the navy blue that bright IRL? thanks
I have worn the shit out of my beckmans the past 3 years.... I can clean them up pretty good but there are alot of scratches on the leather that are hard to hide.. I need to post a pic.
why is this on styleforum? LOL I will be rocking my real madrid jersey
still available!
i went ahead and backed it, my first time with gustin... excited!
i measured out my nudie conny in L and came up with: 43" chest 34" sleeves 23.5 back so the Gustin in Medium would be alittle looser in the chest. longer back and way longer sleeves. which is weird.. how much does the fabric rise up? The conny sleeves fit me perfectly... and i have quite long arms. Will the sleeves on these hang too long?
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