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can anyone compare the sizing to Redwings on the 2030 last? If i am 11 in Red wings (normally 11.5) would I also be 11 in the 2030 last?
mako XL?
think ive had them 2 years.. cant say how often I wore them but not enough to have that sort of damage occur already!
damn i didnt even wear them that much.
Not your normal shoe porn... My Crockett and Jones... Do I need to get them resoled? Sent from my Nexus 4 using Tapatalk
Price drop, make me an offer. trying to clear out unused clothes.
^ woah. I have about 5 watches already and think that is too much. I am going to save up and get a Omega Seamaster and a beater dress watch and that will be the end of my watch collection. Current Collection: SKX007 SNZF15 SSC081 2 funky plastic Nixons. Any advice on a good beater dress watch. something similar to a Seiko Cocktail time but cheaper? (doesn't have to have a sunburst dial either)
that filson backpack looks awesome but $350 is way too much.
anyone got some pics of some really broken in navy CXL quoddys. i picked some up in a recent sale... I can tell the leather will lighten up with use. wonder how it looks.
My 1000 mile boots in 11 fit looser than my IR hawthorns in the same size The CXL in the 1k boots is much more stretchable... too much in fact
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