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My 1000 mile boots in 11 fit looser than my IR hawthorns in the same size The CXL in the 1k boots is much more stretchable... too much in fact
actually mine aren't that bad... wow do you keep them in shoe trees? I just used black polish on mine though. I would contact wolverine
I haven't read this thread in awhile but my 1ks are extremely wrinkled and messed compared to my red wings leatherwise. CXL is not the most tough leather out there so I shouldn't be surprised. I also think I sized up too much..but TBH I am not very impressed by these boots after wearing them for a few years. They need a double leather sole at least....I also think its very funny that people actually hike in these boots. Terrible sole for anything except dry pavement. LMAO
I just ordered a pair of those, wonder if oil nubuck is not as nice as the normal 875 leather. http://www.ehow.com/info_10065694_fullgrain-leather-vs-oiled-nubuck.html
i sized my beckmans and IR hawthornes the same. The leather is definitely more malleable in the IRs but not bad. 11Ds for both. I am normally 11.5 in most shoes. Any smaller and I would have been in serious pain. I will post some pics of my Red Wings... I have beat them to shit. Next pair up is the 875s.
has anyone got the large twill carry on bag? looks pretty good in the catalog, thinking about copping.
is it possible to get that filson x levi trucker anymore?
price drop!
i just copped a seiko SSC081 for cheap on amazon. t i love the style.
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