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Could anyone recommend some trad oxfords in a slim cut that I could pick up without paying bespoke prices? Would love to find something of vintage '60s BB, Arrow or Enro quality and weight. Those vintage shirts drape like parachuts on me, and I cannot seem to find a contempo truly slim cut that matches the quality of these old oxfords which is disappointing. Any help would be appreciated.
Okay thanks, I'll give it a shot..
Thanks, that was the first page I found as well... but there is no contact information anywhere. It seems to be some sort of textile company or distributor that only carries Guabello wools. I guess I could contact them to inquire...
Does anyone have a direct contact or website for GUABELLO fabrics? I am trying to ID a merino wool used in a suit that I absolutely need and suspect it came from Guabello. I would like to try to contact someone there to indeed confirm and then see if it would be possible to purchase a suit length if it's still available to source from, or inquire whether it could be ordered somehow. Any help would be very much appreciated; thanks!
I suppose it's just the runway and model shoots that he does... often with ridiculous suit cuts that are way too short. I highly doubt they fit like that off the rack. They are in fact lovely suits, and the one above is a stunning example. In all truth though, you can probably take that picture in to a tailor and have him make you something bespoke which would turn out even nicer. I agree that the gent's suit above is really sharp though. It's got a very minimalist mid...
Thanks but I'm not looking for the striped bar, which is what BG is selling. I just want the plain silver 1" tie clip with no ethcings, engravings, colors, stripes, etc. Exactly as seen in the photo posted earlier. It's impossible to find!
Quote: Originally Posted by in stitches will this do? What size is that? I'm specifically looking for a short 1" clip for skinny ties. I would really, really, really, like to try and find the TB bar if possible. I've been searching for months to no avail.
It's also a Thom Browne suit, I believe. Not 100% certain, but it sure looks like his whole wardrobe is TB.
Now $20, Final Drop... eBay's next!
Bump! Still looking for this tie bar... will pay $200
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