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I'm moving in just inder a month's time and am selling 22 items on eBay. Just about all of them are starting at $0.99 and no reserve. Feel free to take a look, and please if you have any questions just pop me an email through ebay (I get notified instantly from ebay emails, but not PMs on here) Oh, and as always, all items are guaranteed 100% authentic. - Fukuoka-forever (Derio) Ebay auctions here Items I have for sale include: 1) Brand new with tags $200+ Puma...
No. I have better things to do with my time than contact them directly and get caught in some feud. BUT with that being said, I'll admit I have a few times reported items on ebay which were counterfeit but selling at an outrages price and listed as authentic. I couldn't let some poor guy get blatantly screwed like that.
Some GREAT articles: Check out Massive Eating especially. Great tips on how to put on lean muscle mass.
1 more month until I get out of Ontario and back to BC
I would go for the filson as well. Their bags are meant to last, and the company specialize in bags/luggage too; more so than J Crew anyways.
+1 for fuji. I also found these smaller apples at walmart last week called "Jazz Apples". They're not bad either, but horrible name I have to say.
+1 to what iconoclasm said. Those have worked for me, and if you work out at all, make sure you wash+moisturize your face after the gym as well. I wash mine once in the morning, once after workout in the afternoon and once at night before I sleep since I have relatively oily skin. I do have some bumps left though...planning to see a dermatologist once I get back to the west coast in a month to see what they can do.
I would go for the Nike frees as well. I own a pair of shox right now, and other than making you look taller they really aren't that great for the gym. The elevated heel I find puts a lot of weight on your calves. My next pair are def. going to be frees.
Wallets sold! Loafers still available!
Cole Haan loafers must go...another price drop - $65 shipped Cheers.
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