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For Sale: Used pair of Visvim x Fragment serra size 11. They are in great condition, and come with original box.
FS: Lightly used YSL Mens Bracelet. Will fit up to a 7 inch wrist.
For sale: A lightly used BV Nappa bracelet. It is in black and it is a size medium. Purchased at BV Ginza a little while ago. The charm has a few marks, which im sure can be polished.
FS: goro's silver eagle pendant. 9.5/10 condition ~ 100% authentic. same one as this: $300 shipped via paypal I have 50+ feedback on ebay (username will br provided upon request). if you have any questions and/or concerns, please pm me!
Quote: Originally Posted by munchausen I got a nice dinner at a steakhouse and that was it. My father is also giving me a nice share of a business worth several million bucks and helped me out in a million ways, though, so I'm not complaining.
^ those look great!
^^ crazy shoes.
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