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I second Sator's suggestion. Having had quite a few shirts from Charles myself ranging from a casual one to a marcela shirt, I don't think you can easily find anything better within Australia compared with his offering.
Thank you for the comments, gent. TKDKid: Price is still HK$1200, the same as this thread. I probably will try for a the same shape but in either a whole cut dark suede or leather. C.
Hello gent, Yesterday I received a package from Zee's leather ware's of TST, Hong Kong. In the past, there were some posts about his (their) nice work on shoes. I was visiting Hong Kong last month and looking for a new pair of shoes that I can dance in. With the dancing constraint, I would like the shoes to have an elongate shape but not too long, since in tango, we dance closely, and my dance partners will eventually trip on my toes. After a visit to Zee's shop, I...
Last month I visited Hong Kong for a week. Had a few shirts ordered at Jantzen on the first day of arrival. One prototype was made in a couple of days for a quick fitting check. And the rest were done by the time I had to leave. On premise work still has a very good turn aroudn time nevertheless.
Hi there, Two other tailor hourses mentioned in AAAC thread, Art and Perry, also build a fused/canvas suit. Art's price is similar to July's. Perry's price is quite a bit cheaper though. Ciao, C.
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