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I visited RM Williams store on George Street last weekend and picked up a pair of comfort Craftman in Tan Bark Kangaroo leather. It's my first RM Williams boots, btw. This roo leather is in a seasonal catalogue for this Autumn/Winter. It's in a very nice shade of tan that I much prefer over the normal yearling tan / dark tan. The leather is in general significantly more grainy that the chesnut roo, and it feels slightly more thicker, but still very soft. I wonder how...
If you are having two weeks time in Hong Kong and can get at least two to three fittings, I would say go ahead. However, you probably have to insist what you want. I had two coats made over the past three months. One was a 14oz H&S linen in cream, and the other was Porter and Harding 17Oz tweed. Because I had time to go to multiple fittings, my results were very satisfactory.
quix20, if you stopped by HK, Chan will charge you with $HK rate. Roughly the linen H&S coat cost me about $7500 HK, and the upcoming Porter and Harding tweed coat (which I will start wearing this Fall in Canberra) also costs about the same. With the current $AUD exchange rate, items in HK is slightly cheaper than before. WRT July, Perry, first of all, I don't think you can get a full canvas coat without glue from them. As far as I know, July does make paper pattern and...
Hi there, I would say, stick with Chan (even though I am Thai). End of last year, I just had Chan mad a linen coat from H&S 14oz linen in cream, and am very happy with it such that I started ordering a tweed coat from Porter and Harding to get fit and finished by February when I will pass through HK again. I had a chance to check out July and Perry in Bangkok , but I am not so happy with the result even though it is cheaper. I am not impressed by Art's tailor work either...
Some photos please :-) That sounds like a nice trip. I was over there in HK last month, and will return there again this December. Currently, I am planning on new orders, perhaps a few linen shirts, pants, more shoes, etc.
I bought five under Harolds label for about AUS$50 each during the hand over last year. At that price, they were a steal to me. But at, AUS$160 full price, because the fit is just ok on me, I opt to go to see Charles Nahkle instead for a much much better fit, a vast selection of fabric, and a style that you can design. However, fitwise, those Harolds shirts that I bought are better fit on me compared with Herring Bone's shirts that I have tried but never bought. Actually,...
That sounds great, David. I wish you all the best, Chanop
Hi David, That sounds great for your plan. Do you have any shopfront/show room in Thailand? If so, I would like to visit one day during my next trip home. Chanop
That's correct, Presto87. A small orientation, going to the store is more or less like coming across from the bridge from DJ mens' section, walk pass Claude Sebastian on your left (?correct?) and Peter Shepperd will be around your far right hand corner.
Sator, you rocks. The state of the dress over here in ACT is even worse ... It's a little cold at the moment, so track pants are every where.
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