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Quote: Originally Posted by greekgeek Gorgeous boots there, you have Have the bottom pair myself.
Collonil, is it?
My first (golf) shoe porn post, Footjoy classics dry premier:
Those look great. Now I am starting to wonder when I will have a chance to visit Hong Kong again
Quote: Originally Posted by Toiletduck My latest purchase for SF scrutiny :-D also, a pair of spectators for the gf That was a tease from the other thread. Can we please have some more pictures and info here?
Quote: Originally Posted by Toiletduck My latest purchase for SF scrutiny :-D Are these Zee's product you're talking about? Very nice!
Owning both Rochester and Woodlore boot tree, I prefer Rochester one for Craftman(B543) boots and Woodlore one for Turn out(B529) boots. Myself, I probably will get Woodlore one for a new order of Macquarie(B555).
As far as I know, RM boot trees are re-branded Rochester shoe trees. Considering price within Australia, I still believe it is cheaper to order from US suppliers and get some shipped over here. RM is charging quite a bit for their boot trees.
Some shoes I've got from Zee. These brown, two eyelets derby are basically my tango shoes now. Also tried my luck at antiquing as well, not very successful though. A few months after the first pair on another HK visit, I order these tan suede whole cut with a bit of medallian. They turned out OK, I guess. At the same time, I saw this pair already made and decide to buy it because I like the suede colour and he was giving me a good price at $600 HK. Because...
Quote: Originally Posted by ethandesu We have shortened our suits up a little, Guido, and rebalanced the shoulder. If you try our Osaka fit you ahould get something that sits pretty clean. That sounds good. The last time I tried a coat on when you were in Canberra, it was a little too long for me as well.
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