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How much material can be let out in the sleeves?
At a risk of echoing everything everyone else has said here, I really enjoyed just being able to browse megathreads, or click on a thread for a pair of G&Gs just so I could ogle them even if they weren't my size, and I think the most fun thing for me was gambling on whether to cop things at first glance, or maybe try to wait out a couple of price drop cycles for an even better deal while risking someone else snatching up the item before I could get to it. I miss the old...
I used to play back in high school, just graduated college, so it's been a while since I've been competitive. I was at one point a 1.3 hdcp and played pretty competitively, but I kind of just tired of it. Seems that the muscle memory for full swings is always there when I play (rarely now) but it's the touch around the greens that just leaves me. The work in the gym though has paid off, my clubhead speed's up in the 118 range from the 114 I was at when I was ~16, but now...
You've got the job, so these clearly aren't "interview" shoes... but keep them if you like them. Dress them down with chinos and button-down shirts, or with slim fit jeans and a sport shirt.
Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH How about my penor? What would that symbolize? New idea. Always have your hands on your dong in public. If you're touching yourself with your hands in your pockets, that's just creepy. Doing it in plain sight? Confidence.
measurements for both suits?
Quote: Originally Posted by andrew96 I have a "5 drop. Erm...36.5-33=3.5" drop.
I do think the outfit would for the most part be acceptable for the interview, but you're wearing too many shades of grey (including black), and the slight bluish tone of the shirt is throwing it off a bit. From far away, the black and grey don't look bad, but I don't know about the stripe and textures of the jacket/slacks. I think working with what you have, your best bet would be the grey suit, med. blue shirt, and the blue/brown tie you've got on in the pic...I...
Surprised nobody's posted this madness yet. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qt2j85JgRWY
Is there any material left to let out sleeves on the coat?
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