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don't know if we're still doing the whole foofing thing, but if we are, here goes to my eyes it looks ok, but it feels quite uncomfortable. Putting the jacket on is an effort and something just feels not quite right about it. I have other jackets which are very fitted with high arm holes but there is definitely something wrong here- perhaps the shoulders need to be sloped more?
Quote: Originally Posted by jrd617 Do you live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn by chance? nah, shoreditch actually- with my band of strict vegan merrymen
Holland Esquire shooting jacket, fresh from the tailors. What do you think (fwiw jacket was not intended to be worn with that outfit, so no dissing- also please excuse bad knot) I think it looks great, but wearing it is only ok- slight mobility issues, might get the tailor to pull the shoulders up to take arm hole a little higher (and make the jacket shorter), then drop the sleeves a bit I'm just starting to understand the fitting on the shoulders/armpit- the...
+1 IWC Zenith are tacky and not very nice in the flesh actually I highly recommend trying before buying, I went into the shop with a very specific idea of what I wanted, ended up nearly leaving with something totally different
I believe it is called a Penny collar. It's very english, fred perry is a big user, as are a number of saville row shirt makers- spencer hart being the one where I purchased my shirt from
I wear beige, blue shirt and dark trousers a lot so i actually like the look. But the green tie is not my cup of tea I like to see pianists dressed dark though
Quote: Originally Posted by HenryFlower pm sent on the purple.
is the tusan leather shipped in a generic atomiser? or something TF branded? I own 7 of the private blends so i'm not going to buy, just curious
is number 12 black, gray or brown?
colours really tricky to make out- light blue with gray? Looks pink and purple to my silly eyes. Any chance of a pic that shows the colour accurately? Unless it really is pink and purple
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