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paul smith suits are too short in the arms for almost everyone I know that's tried one, me included. Looks ok on you, maybe having the shoulder rotated burberyy is nice though, better than the PS imo, not a big fan of the ticket pocket on a suit edit: I agree about the trousers being too baggy for you, but it depends on whether comfort or a clean silhoutte is more important to you- personally i'd favour style but that's just me...
Quote: Originally Posted by ndw ^Looks good. Mind if I ask details of your glasses. It's a pretty obscure make, you've probably never heard of them... They're handmade in Germany by a company called reiz- this model is called 'Krocus' (if I remember correctly)
Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH Your bedroom wall is a chroma key? Awesome. Ha yeah, one wall is luminous green for that very reason, although for that image it was taken against the curtains lit with a coloured strobe
here was todays ensemble ridiculous picture I know shoes were blue suede loafers- can be seen below (unpinned and unretouched to perfection aha) [[SPOILER]] http://www.mrporter.com/product/301071
Quote: Originally Posted by mgold I tried a Hugo Boss and Calibrate suit at Nordstroms. I went to Men's Wearhouse and tried the Joseph Aboouds and Prontos (never go there!). Also I went to JosBank. The problem with a lot of the suits was that the pants were like balloons on me. Also when I put on the jackets they looked boxy. (The Calibrate jacket fit well, but I did not like the pants.) Most of the suits out there seem to be for guys who are...
i dress smart daily- for no reason other than I want to (student). Wear a nice sport coat, navy blazer, some tweed over jeans- still looks good but not as likely to get you laughed at
Quote: Originally Posted by Allen I'm under 25 and the situation is quite casual(aka black tie optional). you do realize that 'optional' is a euphemism for 'you will look like a dick if you don't- but by all means go ahead, look like a dick- see if I care' ?
both look too big, the shirt especially try a 36R- the shoulders look too big and the arms are way too long, which unless you have freakishly short arms is usually a giveaway that you are not a 38. Also I can see that when you lift your arm the shoulder padding extends over your natural shoulder- so these suits are 100% too big for you it's hard to judge your body shape through an unfitted suit, but i'd suggest that you get a slimmer fitting suit aswell as a smaller...
Quote: Originally Posted by JapanAlex01 [IMG]I feel they fall into the well built but slightly over-sized, old person category? you can add 'middle aged people with no taste, who have no cash to buy a good suit- and only really need the suit for a more adult version of 'prom' if you are considering purchasing something from here- don't, save up a little bit more and buy something proper also don't buy something online unless you 100% know...
does anyone else not like the stripe on the trousers- I think it looks silly, I prefer to wear plain trousers. But I usually don velvet for black tie so maybe I can get away with it because of the fabric mismatch
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