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i always apply renovateur with my hands- seriously, I do all my polishing with just my hands except for wax polish which I use cotton wool for
this probably isn't the place to ask- streetwear and denim will be more forgiving, this subsection is for dad clothes
Quote: Originally Posted by musososeki Wait, you think the shirt should have matched the jacket more in saturation and hue? And thanks for the shave, by the way. just simplify- keep your outfit to one 'centre piece' and build around that, so if you wear the bow tie wear a plainer shirt. Keep the colours harmonius and thow in a colour which is contrasting to accent so in this case I kept everything yellow-orange and I threw in some...
(I majored in graphic design) Colour palette is bordering on interesting, nothing particularly wrong with the colours, or matching of busy patterns- but the combination of busy colouring and busy patterning is all wrong I would totally wear this
Quote: Originally Posted by clemente21 it just doesn't seem obvious. they don't wiggle, but at the same time really aren't fully clinging to my ankle when I raise my foot. also - if i wear socks with them, will they not get the oils they need to change color? aha, the oils come from your hands not your feet if you can walk around without them feeling like they're going to slip off then you walk then they're probably fine, You can always...
Quote: Originally Posted by Quadcammer obviously works better with your thin frame, but it seems like there is some wrinkling due to the french cuff shirts preventing the jacket sleeves from sitting at full extension. in this case would it be more acceptable/more aesthetically pleasing to wear barrel cuffs? also how many buttons should there be on the jacket sleeve- 1, 4?
Quote: Originally Posted by clemente21 I know that this a totally ridiculous question, and these things have been discussed here before, but how exactly are shoes like this suposed to fit (I'm so used to sneakers). Is it OK to have a little bit of looseness around the ankle? judging from the shape of the shoe the high ankle is a bit superflous compared to a desert boot so a bit of looseness is fine. But I see they're unlined shoes, which will...
pull up leather will change colour when it bends- and it will react with the oils in your skin causing a colour change- they will age nicely, but drastically i'd be interested to see them in a years time definitely keep them away from water, and condition them with any leather conditioner. I don't think you'd need anything specific edit: yeah i'd keep polish away from them, uncoated leather and polish don't mix too well- if you need to restore the colour you have to use...
Quote: Originally Posted by ndw Yup, never heard of them. Very nice at any rate. this was a joke btw, a parody of the 'how many hipsters does it take to change a lightbulb' joke- surprised no one picked up on it but seriously they are great glasses, but very rare- only 2 shops that stock them in the whole of the uk
is there 6 buttons on the cuff on the PS? my tailor thought that was weird, I agreed so we removed 2 edit: I bet the trousers can go higher on the burberry- might take some of the bagginess out paul smith trousers are always baggy, even with the byard- might want to get them slimmed down a touch?
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