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Thanks so much, guys.
I need some help here, and I'm pretty new at shoe care. I've got an old pair of chesters second hand that are fairly beat. They look fine after some reno and wax polish, though they feel a bit sticky, but every time I go out in them when it's raining or wet they get all these white blotches. Tonight I did a few applications/wipe-downs with renovateur, and they've gotten even stickier. I'm thinking there's lots of old buildup on them that I should remove. Think that makes...
Just those alterations I reported earlier.
Been relatively good so far, work travel has made avoiding new purchases pretty easy but I did drop off 2 pairs of jeans for alterations before the October 7th date and picked up/payed for them after. $36 there.
I'm in, first time for me. Glad it starts later this month or I'd have already failed.
Mars says hi.
You don't throw your bespokes out after a single wear? gross
Quote: Originally Posted by Holdfast The flip side is that if you are driving and NOT using one, IMO you shouldn't be on the phone. A lot of the newer cars have built-in bluetooth that'll quiet your stereo and use your speakers for the call when you get one.
And after over a year of lurking I finally register so I can vote boat shoe.
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