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Yes, as soon as I read your post my thought was "I've definitely read things in this thread pointing people to the Lesser 16oz". I'd forgotten about it, but you triggered my memory. Took a look on the Harrisons website, and from the photo (for what that's worth), I think I do really like it. Fun part now will be getting my hands on it. Fairly sure my tailor doesn't have it, and previously I've always just picked from the books. Never done the whole "Buy my own cloth" thing.
Anyone seen/have a picture of the Hardy Minnis Alsport 2414? Supposed to be a dark blue hopsack. Looking at the Huddersfield website, I think the wrong image is up. The photo looks, well, not blue at all. It's also 590g. That's, what, 20oz? Not entirely sure I'm up for something that heavy. Curious to hear anything about it.
Care to elaborate? I've only ever used Lexol on boots and shoes, but I'd be curious to know why you dislike it for furniture.
Had to reply to this. Totally true. I'm in geoscience in Calgary, and I've gotten funny looks from friends for not wearing hiking boots to work every day in an office.
As has been (I believe) mentioned, the height of the armscye isn't the only variable in the equation. The angle the sleeve is set at makes a huge difference, as I found out when commissioning my dance tails. The sleeve on all my normal coats are set close to vertical, where the sleeves on my tails are set almost horizontal. This means that a normal coat looks great and unruffled when the arms are down by the side, but goes all to hell with I flap like a bird. Conversely,...
or call a locksmith, but that's not nearly as much fun.
Herringbone tweed.
Trying to decide whether or not to pull the trigger on a coat:
I'm going to go ahead and claim that I fit into both of these categories, and add that I don't prefer that. I'm here to read posts by FC, and manton, and gdl, and iammatt, and bris, and others with that level of knowledge and passion. I post very seldom, mostly because I have nothing to say that really adds to the discussion. However, I have gotten a tremendous amount of value, education, and entertainment from reading the thoughts of people who've been there, tried that,...
I may be influenced by the field I work in, but along the lines of "genius most people have probably never heard of" I'm going to go with Claude Shannon
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