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Ahhh, sorry to hear. But for my narrow feet, New Ray is just an amazing fit. Hope others feel the same!
With the help of Genludd, we are starting to get more specific. I am very keen on the New Ray last, but will enquire if they can vary this as part of the GMTOStyle : 102496 - Split Toe DerbyLast : New Rey (if Meermin agrees, other lasts like Park could be selected - if not, New Ray it is)Upper : Calf LeatherColor : Dark BrownEdge Color : Dark BrownInner Lining Color : Open (Perhaps purple or red - or would that be considered too bold?Suggestions?)Sole : YorkWelt :...
Genludd, good to know - let's see if others will join in?BTW - when you write GMTO, is there somewhere we (on SF) coordinate Group MTOs? Should I post the question/MTO suggestion elsewhere?
Could not agree more
Would anyone be interested in a MTO with a Blucher on the New Ray last? Basically this: https://www.meermin.es/articulo.php?idArt=4137 But on New Ray instead of Hiro?
Hi all, I could really use some sizing advice. My feet are about 28,1 cm long and 10 cm wide. I recieved my first pair of Meermins based on the Hiro Last, UK size 9. That was clearly too small, so I returned them. Louisa now suggest I size up half a size to UK 9.5 - but I am worried I should go for 10 instead. So any Hiro 9.5 or 10 owners - could I ask for your feet size measurements and/or thoughts? Thanks, M
Gorgeous! Will order the same, based on your pics. Please let us know how they handle rainy streets..Cheers, M
Thanks John!
Thank you Sir! Now that you mention it, that is my absolutely most minimal and anonymous belt
Good to hear that you guys are pretty much in agreement on the advice, and thanks for the jacket praise!
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