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Hi Antonio, please PM me, I have an almost new pair of Meermin size 10 UK (44) on Hiro last that should fit you. I now realize I use size 43, and so they are too big for me..
This is partially good news for us with narrow heels, but what about the rest of the foot? Wide across the whole foot and high instep I would guess?I 'suffer' from both a narrow heel, narrow/flat foot and low instep... :-(But sounds like I need to give Inca a try, thanks
Really?, I would not have guessed that, based on the below, but good to know: Inca - Widest last and waist for wide feet (EE width) Rain - Like the Inca but with a chisel toe (EE width) Soller - A boot last like Robert, fits like a double E. Forest - Standard width with round toe (E width) Uetam - Similar to Forest but a shade narrower (E width) Robert - Like the Simpson but more room in the toe box (E width) Queen - an E width, similar to Alcudia but shorter Alcudia -...
I have the same issue. Forest is probably too wide for your heel. You should look into Robert last, Alcudia and maybe Rain last in the D option, although that is supposedly narrower than Simpson.I personally think Carmina makes too few shoes on these lasts, so GMTOs are the way to go.. Let me know if you want to start/join a 'narrow feet' GMTO at some point..
I am eager to order a Carmina boot of some type on one of these 3 lasts. Maybe a balmoral or chukka? Colour has to be brown or tan, otherwise open for most things. Anyone?
Ah, I see. Did not know that, will ask and get back with the response
I am in if we can change it to the Robert, SImpson or Alcudia Last? (Sorry if that is not helpful)
I am interested - but does anyone know how the Inca last fits compared to the Simpson Last?
Pardon me if this belongs in another part of the site, but can I tempt any of you in a GMTO of this gorgeous Carmina Balmoral boot in last Robert, Simpson or Alcudia? http://www.carminashoemaker.com/mto-finished-2198/balmoral-bronw-suede-80450 Absurdly nice Balmoral if you ask me!
Since I am having a hard time getting a GMTO going for the Robert last, I am wondering if an alternative to the Robert last could be Forest last in E width (It comes in E and EE width) Has anyone tried the Forest in E width? How does ot compare to ie Simpson?
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