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Ah, did not know that. Ok, still open for both those options...
Very OT, but am interested in buying a Oneplus Two phone and need an invite...should you gave one you ate not using, please drop me a line. Thanks
Would anyone be interested in a GMTO with the Robert Last? Open for a brogue, Chelsea boot, blucher, balmoral, you name it. Only condition is it has to be brown, not into black shoes/boots ATM. Robert FTW!
Hi, sadly I missed this due to uncertainties about size. if anyone ordered a size 9 and it turns out not to fit them, I would like to buy it. Please PM if so. Thanks
I just visited Skoak today for the first time and fell in love with the Robert last. Fits close to Alcudia and Simpson (to me it fit better than Simpson, have not tried Alcudia) So I am thinking either a Chukka, a Balmoral or a split Toe Blucher in the Robert last - in some shade of brown (sorry, no black but open for all shades of brown/tan) Will be handled through Skoak Any Robert fans out there?
Thats helpful, thanks. Do you wear the same size simpson in loafer and oxford? Also, is the second loafer a GMTO? (Since they only offer one simpson loafer now, I mean)
Question - does anyone know if the Simpson last is more narrow in the heel and midfoot than the loafer last Uetam? Or is it mostly in the toe box I have very narrow feet and low arches, and just recieved my first Carminas, a pair of brown string loafers. (Uetam) They fit quite well, a little cramped in the toes, but I think thats ok since they are suede loafers and should expand a little. The challenge is the heel, loafer sits ok,, but not very tight as I prefer it. I...
Hi, I am interested and having trouble sending you a PM, please send a PM or mail to hiver AT live.dk Thanks
[quote name="othertravel" What last do you wear in Carmina?[/quote] I do not own any Carminas yet - but understand Simpson and Uetam are the ones to go for with narrow feet/heels.
Just won these (factory seconds) wholecuts on Ebay for a reasonable price - they are on my favourite last, New Ray. Sadly New Ray is used far too little IMO (but then again I have narrow feet)
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