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Any suggestions for mid-range shops in Naples or surroundings? I'd like to buy some office shoes (EUR 120-180), ties (EUR 50-70), casual Italian-style clothes (not high fashion). Any suggestions for good local shops or outlets? Thank you.
Many thanks, I will try. Do you happen to know the approximate location? Google gives me a store in the suburbs of Rome.
Could you advise any good shops/streets in Rome, Italy for buying Italian men's clothes (good value/quality). Specifically, I'm looking for: - business shoes (up to €200) - suits (€300-400) - casual clothes (Diesel or some less well-known brands). Many thanks!
OK, thanks for he answers! Certainly £100 is a target/wish price, but I'm willing to go higher (not above 200 though).
Looking for a good store to buy classic (Oxford) shoes in London. I want to find some nice shoes for the office which are not too expensive (~ £100). I've been in London before on Jermyn street but the prices were higher. Any other tips?.. Many thanks!
Some of my shirts are made with holes for cuff links, while they also have regular buttons (so you can either button a shirt or put cuff links, e.g. for the evening). Is it ok to wear cuff links with such a shirt, which doesn't have French cuffs? I do understand that French cuffs are a norm, but is it still acceptable? TIA.
Per question above, please post for the benefit of the others. Thank you!
Thanks a lot for all the tips, especially alliswell -- I'll print out your list before meeting the tailor.
What are the chances of getting a decent (i.e. wearable) tailor-made suit done with only one measurement session? I'm tempted to order a suit from one of those travelling Indian tailors, who come, take your measurements (including of your best fitting suit) and then send you a suit by post. The choice/quality of fabrics is really tempting and the price (400-500 eur) is not bad either. They also say they fit it on a mannequin several times during the work. Is it worth a...
I've grabbed first things from the wardrobe. But thanks for comments on the tie and old pants.
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