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Neugier von Jörg Hofmeister auf Flickr
Ministry - Jesus built my hotrod (Redline/Whiteline Version)
Not knowing when it is time to go back into the stock market.
I'm not sure if it's the same company.
Can someone comment on the quality of Pratesi briefcases? I think I like this one:
Rumor has it that our company has compiled a "low performer" list. I don't expect to be affected though.
"Buddenbrocks" by Thomas Mann. Next will be Oliver Twist.
Quote: Originally Posted by Brian SD Are you stalking me? Wouldn't it be foolish to stalk a moderator?
Quote: Originally Posted by Brian SD I don't understand why anyone buys an SLR and leaves it on automatic mode. I understand it in wedding photography, but I see a lot of people doing still photography and using fully automatic mode. If I see someone wakling around the city with their camera and its not on M, A, S, or P, it kind of gives me a chuckle. It's like buying a Porsche only to be driven around by your mom who never goes faster that 50...
If I had to replace my old Nikon D70s today, I would go for a D200. It's available at for $999 (or in Germany for €999). There were some technical problems (banding) with the first models, but that has long been solved. However, you want to keep in mind that it's a rather heavy piece of equipment (it has a metal case in contrast to the cheaper Nikons). Maybe nothing you want to take with you for a little stroll. The higher you go up in the model range,...
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