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Since you're 171 cm, I'm guessing you get all your ysl jeans hemmed right?Isn't it an insane amount that you have to cut out? Last time I tried ysl jeans I figured I would have to cut out like 10cm...
Quick question. I'm 5"8.5 /1.74cm. YSL jeans come in 34" length. Even if I get them hemmed won't the the thigh area be longer than my thigh? Won't the knee area start below my actual knee? Hope that makes sense.
Looks good. What was the problem to begin with? Were the sleeves too long?
http://www.ysl.com/us/shop-product/men/ready-to-wear-denim-pants-original-low-waisted-raw-edge-skinny-jean-in-old-blue-stretch-denim_cod36875814bm.html#section=men_fall_winter Fit pics of these jeans, anyone?
What jeans are these?These jeans fit you perfectly. Couldn't be better.
http://www.luisaviaroma.com/common+projects/men/sneakers/64I-3J4004/lang_EN/colorid_MDUwNg2?SubLine=shoes&CategoryId=97 Maybe, they cp's after all.
They don't look like SLP to me. They seem to be a little more pointy at the front.Don't look like common projects either.I could be wrong tho...
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