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http://www.luisaviaroma.com/common+projects/men/sneakers/64I-3J4004/lang_EN/colorid_MDUwNg2?SubLine=shoes&CategoryId=97 Maybe, they cp's after all.
They don't look like SLP to me. They seem to be a little more pointy at the front.Don't look like common projects either.I could be wrong tho...
Brand of sneakers?
ignore this post.
Brand of this jeans?
I wanted to see how his hemmed jeans looked like, how they fit, how much stacking there was and so forth.I'm not asking for nudes here, calm down guy.
I agree that it feels very limiting and I only like high end brands. I don't wear Diesel or Levi's.Out of curiosity do you have fit pics with hemmed jeans?
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