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Bit retarded are you?
I was the one asking so thank your for the detailed response. It's funny, in your pic they look almost exactly the same color. However in the bignas 15's pic that I posted they look like 3 shades lighter than the current version at least the ones currently being sold in ssense, farfetch and ysl own online store.
That's a shame! I think that colour looks so much better than the darker current ones!
So, are bigas15's jodphurs still being sold or is only a darker shade being sold this season/right now?
Yeah, the names were what was throwing me off. But the current ones are slighty darker then the one in the bignas photo right?
So, this ones correct?http://www.ysl.com/pt/shop-product/men/shoes-boots-wyatt-30-jodhpur-boot-in-cigar-suede_cod44930644op.html#section=men_shoes
I get really confused. Are these the wyatt ankle boots or the strapped hedi boots or johdpurs? http://www.farfetch.com/dk/shopping/men/saint-laurent--wyatt-ankle-boots-item-11581855.aspx?storeid=9703&from=1&ffref=lp_pic_47_2_ https://www.ssense.com/en-ca/men/product/saint-laurent/tan-suede-strapped-hedi-boots/1400463?forced_user_country=US&utm_source=2687457&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=generic&utm_term=10569670
Since you're 171 cm, I'm guessing you get all your ysl jeans hemmed right?Isn't it an insane amount that you have to cut out? Last time I tried ysl jeans I figured I would have to cut out like 10cm...
Quick question. I'm 5"8.5 /1.74cm. YSL jeans come in 34" length. Even if I get them hemmed won't the the thigh area be longer than my thigh? Won't the knee area start below my actual knee? Hope that makes sense.
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