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Here's a fit pic. Not me.https://www.instagram.com/p/BLbC-qQBdN6/
Was just having a bit of fun
I live in Portugal. Could I in theory get cheaper sl clothes by going straight to the factory and cutting the middle man?
Have to agree with this.
Honestly one of my favorite sl jackets. Wish I had one.
I have the rangers. I like them but I'd say they pass for "normal boots" easily if that makes sense, specially when seen from the front. They don't have that very distinct sl aesthetic that is immediately recognizable. As far as sizing goes I'd say they are tts.Personally, I find the CP Winter Combat boots ugly.
Regardless of how the looks are style in the runaway, in my opinion it looks really bad when the layer of clothing beneath a jacket is much longer than the jacket itself, regardless of whether it is a t-shirt, a button up or what have you. Slightly longer is ok. Much longer looks really bad. Again, this is my opinion. If someone likes that look, go for it. Another problem in Slann's fit (no disrespect meant to Slann) is that the boots look way too chunky and not...
Looking good guys.
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