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Just a note - this jacket was also included in the SS15 collection:
If anyone is willing to proxy, please PM me. Thanks!
SNS Herning Stark cardigans in many colors for as low as $134
Does anybody have a Bloomingdale's 40% coupon they are not planning on using? If you could PM me, I would appreciate it! Thanks!
@tonio028, you can try Scoop NYC: According to the website it will arrive in-store on the 26th.
Saks Fifth Avenue is definitely carrying Eidos Napoli: I don't know if this indicates a certain model, but in many of the pictures the suits and sport coats look to be 3-roll-2.
Product photos have been posted for UNIQLO x Lemaire. Men's: Women's: The source page with some additional photos of the collection: Also, the official UNIQLO x Lemaire page:
More drops at Yoox
Does anyone know how the cardigan jacket fits? It seems to fit oversized, but should I go down one size or stay TTS?
Really nothing more than a teaser, but:
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