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Anyone into turkish style coffee? I went out with a Bosnian girl and she really turned me onto it.
I have the one from last season, I wore it a lot and didn't really have any problems with it at all. Fit could be different this season, last season it was not super slim.
Last two seem okay
Are N&F cheaper in Canada / Quebec / Montreal?
It's Raf, but I still think duffles are dumb.
http://www.behance.net/gallery/HE-WEARS-IT/537409 This is too cool
Or you can not buy into hype, and save for those Trickers or whatever it is you ACTUALLY want!
lol I love CDHagg Please don't wear a scarf under a sweater, only wear a scarf while you are wearing a coat or something like that. What I learned today is don't make SF posts while altered
After buying a +J peacoat in XL, I realize a J.Crew peacoat in L or XL would've fit me better. Oh well.
W+H Tiger Fleece is popular on SF, and obviously Uniqlo if you can get it proxied or shipped to you is cool too.
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