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I appreciate the input.I already have a JD and the debt to go with it. I see the MBA as a worthy investment if my company is going to pay for it, but I am not willing to borrow money. The idea of financial aid or some kind of merit based scholarship is tempting, so perhaps I will consider that option. Honestly, I am very gun shy about taking on additional educational debt- a personal goal of mine is to pay off what I currently owe as quickly as possible and move on with...
Interesting, but as I said I am not interested in spending $50k+ on this endeavor. The dual program could be a good idea, but as I said I am exclusively considering state schools, most likely UMass since I would be able to qualify for instate tuition. Thanks for the input.
I don't want to get into specifics, but it is not as nichey as you would think. I could have easily said I am in "litigation support," but I wanted to provide a bit more detail and where my motivations lie.I appreciate the thoughts on the IT degree being of minimal value. My general thoughts are the an MBA may offer a bit more flexibility.Thanks.
Long time SF member (not posting much recently). I value the opinion and expertise of the membership here and I'd like to float something that has been on my mind lately. I'm considering taking some graduate courses and maybe pursuing a masters, but I am not 100 percent sure what is the best use of my resources. I'm pretty much exclusively considering doing something at the state university where I live in some kind of blended online format (I travel a ton for work and...
I think just a short(er) stint. Although I know guys who have done JAG and are still having a very positive experience 6-7 years into it.There are too many law school discussions on here to get into how I feel about all "that".
Hey- it all depends. I guess I am "hating", but certain stuff strikes me as borderline unprofessional. I like fishing, but I don't put that on my resume. Maybe that's a mistake, but it just seems out of place to me. Things like charity work or certain non-professional achievements make sense to me. I get how certain personal interests and achievements that don't fit into a box might be useful to include. You wrote a successful graphic novel or you restore classic...
Don't fear it. I spent a lot of time fearing it and I can honestly say it is a waste. Spend your energy enjoying the flexibility you have now. If you are anything like me, you will probably want to throw yourself into your work when the time comes that you need to put in the hours. as Txmade says- you'll make time if it's important to you to do the things you love.
I think this is very true. I know plenty of people who followed all the rule, studied hard and met with great success who have shitty attitudes and are for various reasons unhappy and/or unsuccessful.I'm no role model, but much of the mistakes and hard times I've had have shaped me as a person in good ways.As to the OP: I'd go to therapy earlier. I had some stuff to work out that I waited far too long to take care of professionally. For all the mentions of saving...
This is very good advice and I heartily agree.
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