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just been emailed a discount code from that gives 15% off all purchases, i dont need any more sweaters but the code is 1DISC15
totally agree with you, price isnt everything, but these guys are making sweaters to British navy specifcations and have done for years and its a very good product direct from a manufacturer with no middle man cut.
wow you are a bit touchy, you asked a question i obliged with an answer!! I am very happy with my purchases from a old established manufacturer, of quality products at a very fair price and have bought 2 sweaters for less than the price of 1 from Jump the Gun.
If you buy one like i did you will find that the label states made in england, they are part of a bigger company TW KEMPTON who if you check out their website you will see they have been supplying the British armed forces for about 50 years,mainly with sweaters.
Been looking for classic jumpers with patches, found this site, who have a good selection and another company who appear to be linked to each other do anyone know of any others Thanks John
bought a navy submariners, looking at their website they make all the sweaters in their own factory in leicester and have supplied this sweater for years to the British Royal Navy
Bought one earlier this year from in cream, now temped by the navy one.
They are manufacturers, so you are buying from the actual factory, they do state that they supply the British Royal Navy, so they must be good. I have seen them mentioned in another forum, with very good comments so hence my post, fedora lounge
If you check out website they have pictures of someone wearing the submariners sweater,under the Niffi brand.
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