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Tokyo: Based on my experiences, your dream has a parallel in reality. I was out for lunch one afternoon with a girlfriend when Yao Ming entered the establishment. We asked him for a photograph (or rather I coerced my friend to ask herself) but he bluntly refused. In his defense, it was two days after the Rockets got knocked out of the play-offs and he looked like he got hammered the night before.
Quote: Originally Posted by Reggs Get her a Nintendo Wii! The movie Prime comes to mind.
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini Bastards beat me to it. Hey Jet, anything in non-plus sizes left? Quote: Originally Posted by jet Sale doesn't start until sunday.
I'll pick up the tab for dinner. You've got me covered on the plane ticket, right?Round trip plzkthx.
Down the road and not across the street.
Both the cream and the soil would be nice depending on whichever better compliments what you normally wear. For instance, I probably wear dark denim days out of the week so the natural canvas would be a better choice as it provides higher contrast. On the other hand, the soil canvas would go nicely with khakis, dirty washed or green denim, and other earth tones.
Quote: Originally Posted by bigskydream These spring sales are killing me!!! As is the S&H cost.
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug Isn't that him from behind? That's the point.
I don't mind nightmares much unless strenuous physical activity is involved. I feel the night is wasted if I'm just as exhausted as I would have been had I stayed up.
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