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ahhhchu90: The type of hair of the guy in the picture you provided isn't difficult at all to achieve with Asian hair. With adequate length (probably ~2 inches), chunking with some pomade will do the trick. GoSurface: What short/medium styles (the Korean soap star look is overdone) have you found to be especially compatible with Asian hair? I recently began experimenting and acquired a faux hawk because of its versatility and low maintenance but also because I was...
Gray is a neutral tone and compliments virtually every color, but you should try pairing it with lighter colors for higher contrast. The stitching doesn't bother me, but FWIW, it will probably fade and become less prominent with time.
I'm not sure why you think that slim jeans wouldn't flatter your legs if they are appropriate for your body type. I have a slender figure as well and get nothing but compliments when I'm wearing my slim or skinny jeans because they provide definition whereas a relaxed fix would just hang off of my hips like a tapestry. As mentioned in another thread, the Levi's online store is having a sale on sale merchandise (an additional 20% off of prices already reduced 50%) so...
I was once short-changed by ten cents, but I also received somebody else's check (which was about $10 less than my own) so I let the guy slide.
I copped a pair that were 1.5 sizes larger than my normal size due to limited availability. Even with such a large difference, sliding and heel slippage are minimal and hardly noticeable. That being said, I would advise against sizing down. Get true to size for a secure fit or go up half a size for a slightly looser fit.
It's been a few years since I last visited so I can't recall any specific names, but there were a lot of stores in Admiralty that carried Hong Kong street fashion like Tough Jeansmith and the like. The best part was that they were all in close proximity of each other and had their own street level compartments rather than being on random floors of office buildings.
Quote: Originally Posted by PG2G i'd rather just not wear sneakers to a club. I don't think sneakers are even allowed in most clubs in Houston, but Aldo had some decent-looking sneaks last I was in there and Puma is always trendy.
The number of eyelets indicate how many gears are available on any given model. The gear you are treading in is determined by the last eyelet your laces are strung through before tying them (the lowest being the ones closest to the toe cap and the highest being the ones toward the sole). Much like a mountain bike, higher gears require less input energy to produce any given amount of output energy and vice versa.
Quote: Originally Posted by Willsw United Kingdom? I've always lusted after the J. Crew version myself. Copped these a couple of months ago in my true size and they fit perfectly. Quite comfy and my feet weren't sore at all after an eight-hour shift of unloading boxes of denim and stocking shelves. The soles get rather nasty after a while from all the places I've taken them, but I suppose that's the crepe and the same would have...
And how many digits can this "button fly" display?
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