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Quote: Originally Posted by Reggs What did you expect; complements? I think he was implying that he was ridiculed for other reasons in addition to his temple fade. Whether it be another characteristic of the guido subculture (headband, fake Italian accent, excessive jewellery, etc.) or an unrelated fashion faux pas is left up to speculation.
Quote: Originally Posted by op2 Here is what my hair looks like now: Sweet. Do you naturally have platinum blonde hair or did you bleach it? The brown highlights behind your ear are a nice touch.
Quote: Originally Posted by ahhhchu90 i like the sides of your hair in the second and third pictures. its really flat and texturized. is it normally like that or is it stubbornly straight? Quote: Originally Posted by GoSurface Try washing it infrequently. I'm asian, and I wash it about once a week. It doesnt ever smell unsavory, but I take care of it. Once the hair has had a break from washing, the oils usually make the hair...
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason What finish on the matchsticks? I noticed they didn't have any raw, but the salt-wash didn't look bad. Both the heavily reduced cost and Houston's summer heat compelled me to place an order for the White Out finish for the sake of having a pair of white jeans in my collection. I took the opportunity to try the white 501s when the first shipments came in a couple of weeks ago and I wasn't too fond of how they...
^^^That's probably a pretty accurate representation of what'd you get if you were to transpose that anime hairstyle to real life. Realistically, one just doesn't have enough hair to match the thickness of the drawing's bangs with that much coverage and separation at the same time. Here's a similar style: I don't know how it is where you live, but it seems that every school-aged FOB in my area has some J-pop-inspired hair style and have collaborated with each other...
Copped the Capital E jacket, a pair of Matchsticks, and a couple other odds and ends. I usually take a small in Levi's tops, but one of their denim vests in a medium fit me just fine so the jacket shouldn't be too bad.
I work for Levi's and my manager told me that for trademark reasons, one in ten pairs of jeans will have the registered (R) symbol instead of "Levi's" on the 5th pocket tab. Exactly which statute mandates this I did not inquire, but I mind as well find out for knowledge's sake. The bottom line is that the unusual tab is not indicative of a difference in age, quality, or anything else.
Do it yourself as Eason suggested and record a video while you're at it. I'll bring the popcorn.
Quote: Originally Posted by apocalypse later The Nudie Greycast on RR and SJ really isn't gray though. It's more of a green. Ah, in that case neutral colored tops would work. I've worn blue, purple, and brown with much success with my green denim. I've also worn red and orange as secondary colors and they looked completely fine.
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