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I'm an admirer of the sweat band.
How do they compare to Lay's dill pickle flavored potato chips?
This jacket is Jurassic!
The next time somebody asks, I can say that I am better endowed than a Japanese ape with confidence.
The degree of formality I would dress to depends on the the kinds of products the store carries, the store's target market, how employees dress while working, etc. Were I to interview for a job at Urban Outfitters, I would forego the tie and jacket. The company caters to the young and trendy with a wide variety of products. I wouldn't want to appear rigid and out of tune with the ebb and flow of street fashion. Though Zara carries products similar in nature to that...
Quote: Originally Posted by j I don't think conscienceness is a word. It is what the wealthy lack, the poor have, and if you eat it you will die.
Capital E jeans are marked only by their waist sizes and come in a standard length of 34". I second Joel_Cairo's assertion that Levi's jeans run large as I have to size down one in the waist for every fit save for the 520s (for which I have to size down two). The 501s do not come in a 35" waist size, but a 34" waist should be fine for reasons previously mentioned. As for the STFs, a 34x34 would be expected to shrink 1" in the waist and 3" in length. Under your...
Quote: Originally Posted by Bandwagonesque How do those desert boots fit? True to size? Narrow/wide? Comfy? Any Americans interested in picking up a pair for a Canooook? http://www.styleforum.net/showthread...098#post568098
Quote: Originally Posted by thefir skinny jeans seem to be bigger than ever now. /golfclap Fashion trends in jeans have shifted from baggy and bootcut in favor of narrower fits. In other breaking news, the Aztec empire has fallen to Spanish invaders.
Quote: Originally Posted by dougie i just checked out a couple of their stores in nyc and the sale's even better there. lots of shirts and sweatshirts for $9, lots of jeans for $19. Capital E jeans for around $50. That's how it is at the Houston store as well. All tops that were already on sale are now $9.90 and all bottoms that were already on sale are now $19.90. However, the Capital E line is only marked down to 50% of the original price...
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