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How do they compare to Lay's dill pickle flavored potato chips?
This jacket is Jurassic!
The next time somebody asks, I can say that I am better endowed than a Japanese ape with confidence.
The degree of formality I would dress to depends on the the kinds of products the store carries, the store's target market, how employees dress while working, etc. Were I to interview for a job at Urban Outfitters, I would forego the tie and jacket. The company caters to the young and trendy with a wide variety of products. I wouldn't want to appear rigid and out of tune with the ebb and flow of street fashion. Though Zara carries products similar in nature to that...
Quote: Originally Posted by j I don't think conscienceness is a word. It is what the wealthy lack, the poor have, and if you eat it you will die.
Capital E jeans are marked only by their waist sizes and come in a standard length of 34". I second Joel_Cairo's assertion that Levi's jeans run large as I have to size down one in the waist for every fit save for the 520s (for which I have to size down two). The 501s do not come in a 35" waist size, but a 34" waist should be fine for reasons previously mentioned. As for the STFs, a 34x34 would be expected to shrink 1" in the waist and 3" in length. Under your...
Quote: Originally Posted by Bandwagonesque How do those desert boots fit? True to size? Narrow/wide? Comfy? Any Americans interested in picking up a pair for a Canooook?
Quote: Originally Posted by thefir skinny jeans seem to be bigger than ever now. /golfclap Fashion trends in jeans have shifted from baggy and bootcut in favor of narrower fits. In other breaking news, the Aztec empire has fallen to Spanish invaders.
Quote: Originally Posted by dougie i just checked out a couple of their stores in nyc and the sale's even better there. lots of shirts and sweatshirts for $9, lots of jeans for $19. Capital E jeans for around $50. That's how it is at the Houston store as well. All tops that were already on sale are now $9.90 and all bottoms that were already on sale are now $19.90. However, the Capital E line is only marked down to 50% of the original price...
Quote: Originally Posted by Reggs What did you expect; complements? I think he was implying that he was ridiculed for other reasons in addition to his temple fade. Whether it be another characteristic of the guido subculture (headband, fake Italian accent, excessive jewellery, etc.) or an unrelated fashion faux pas is left up to speculation.
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