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Only the fiercest ornaments touch this head. Rawr.
I bought one of these a month or two ago for $59 with purple/white vertical stripes, epaulets, and attachments on the end of the sleeves that pulled up the part of the sleeve covering the tricep. I have a slender rectangular body type and I'm very satisfied with the fit: close but not restricting. That being said, I could easily imagine it being too tight for a lot of people. I forget what size I own (either S or M), but I try to get some measurements up for those who...
True to size. Tried going down half a size but they were too snug to wear comfortably for extended periods of time.
Quote: Originally Posted by Juujai anime hair actually originated from real life people. it originated from visual kei to be exact. Though I cannot cite any information to directly contradict this assertion, but here are a few facts for consideration: 1) Astro Boy debuted in 1963 2) X Japan was founded in 1982 3) Luna Sea > All, hands down
Kenny Choi, I'm your biggest fan! Go with whatever style you feel comfortable with. I'd tell you to cut it short, but at the same time I wouldn't wear a longer style myself. Coincidentally, every guy I've met with long hair turned out to be total d-bags and that wouldn't be fair to you. Unless your mom threatens to disown you on account of your hair, do whatever you like and whatever the ladies like. I don't know how it is where you are, but it seems that the Asian...
Quote: Originally Posted by Stylin-1 Am I the only one who sees irony in that this was posted on a "style forum"? It'd probably be more accurate to say that you're the only one who cared to dignify that post.
Quote: Originally Posted by e23 I have the typical asian hair (straight and just sticks out everywhere) but ive been growing it out. Anyone know a good stylist to get that good messy fauxhawk look in NYC? I just brought in a picture to a random Vietnamese salon. The barber said he'd never done a faux hawk before, but he'd give it a shot. I only specified the approximate length I wanted each part to be and to include the back of my head in the...
Quote: Originally Posted by f00kie Now, I don't look like any of those guys, but if I spike my hair (usually just in the front, but when my hair is short, within a week of a haircut, the whole top), is that considered this blowout nonsense? The"blowout" hair style is achieved by the combination of both a temple fade hair cut: and a styling product strong enough (such as spiking glue) to hold all hair straight and in the same direction....
All CapE items were marked down to $50 at the Houston store on Saturday. Unbeknownst to me, this included the CapE jackets that were on the mannequins. One of my co-workers beat me to the punch and my manager won't do a price adjustment so I'm out $50+S/H. QQ
Quote: Originally Posted by Brian SD I saw the video last night. I generally like Kanye but this song is pretty lame. Agreed. I feel that Kanye's lyricism in this song lacks his usual artistic eccentricities. Making a video for it just adds salt to injury.
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