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For your preshrunk dimensions (31x32), the 501 STF are expected to shrink 1" in the waist and 3" in length. The ideal size for you would be 32x36. I have not ventured to try a pair of 501 STF myself because my local stores don't carry anything above 34" in length. According to Levi's size scales, however, 501 STF in a 32" waist is produced in all lengths up to 38" but I haven't taken the time to see if these obtuse sizes (by Levi's standards) are available online.
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart This one def has the look correct...I wonder if it has the buckleback as well? I didn't really take a good look at it, but I thought I saw a strap running parallel to the hem. It was displayed folded on its side so it could have just been one of those adjustable straps. I'll see if I can swing by on my way home today and check it out. EDIT: I took a look at it and there was indeed the buckle on the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Lel Milk bags. Such a strange yet interesting concept. That's what she said.
Quote: Originally Posted by sonick I've been told that Ketchup and "All Dressed" flavoured chips are not marketed/sold in the US I recall purchasing a canister of ketchup flavored Pringles (and then later regretting it.) A flavor called "all dressed" is too broad to be very descriptive, but it sounds like it could be similar in purpose to the "loaded baked potato" flavor. Speaking of which, are baked potatoes consumed in Canada? Never...
Quote: Originally Posted by Nantucket Red Does that rule out bowling? Bowling? Yes. Glow-in-the-dark bowling? No.
I find hookah bars to be good places to unwind and socialize during the after hours. The water bong and exotic menu items or decor make for interesting conversation pieces.
I'm not sure whether or not that jacket is acually a new product, but it has indeed been released for the Fall 2007 line and should already be in stores. There is also a washed version in a medium-light blue with the same front pleats and lack of pockets. The rigid model resembles STF 501s in terms of color and stiffness.
I tried gel inserts for a couple of days before throwing them out for something stiffer and more structured. My feet would still be sore after work without any arch support, so I got the foam(?) version with a hard plastic tab at the arch and have been satisfied with those. Both had problems with heel slippage on my wider shoes, but the latter does so much more for me in terms of comfort and support.
Quote: Originally Posted by WayneGibbous Damn I like the colors. Nice coin and heart pendants I see those are making a comeback. Ironically, the best photos I have of my own clothing are of friends of the opposite sex wearing them. (That's probably my hoodie too.) It'd just be too cumbersome for me to carry a bag to lug my camera and various hygenic products around town. I don't know what the current trends in women's accessories are, but I do...
Only the fiercest ornaments touch this head. Rawr.
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