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Quote: Originally Posted by excellence Give me a break man, Im only 18. I'm like 6'0 tall and skinny. It's not that bad like skinny skinny but still. Size small will make my arms look even more skinny wouldn't it? I'm in the same boat: 6'0" with a high metabolism (and Asian as well, but that only means we have genetically superior hair and a nice skin tone when lightly tanned). Wearing clothes that are too big for you just make you look...
Quote: Originally Posted by Dill What the hell is mexx? Another bullet on the list of things they have in Canada, but not in the States.
Levi's is having a promotional "Friends and Family Event" from August 3 - August 5 offering a 30% discount off of your entire purchase with the mailer if in person or with the discount code if ordering online. At the Sugar Land location, these cards can be obtained at the register. The online discount code is "LSFF07" and standard shipping is $5 as it has been. For reference:
Quote: Originally Posted by jessetk313 A blowout haircut isnt bad as long as you have it short with say a 6 or 7 clip all the way around and dont wear it with long spiked hair in which you would look like a douchebag. The blowout is the style whereas the temple fade is the cut. Now please let this thread R.I.P.
Quote: Originally Posted by berlin report I feel that if you just stuck with what's comfortable for you then you will get some respect. Perhaps not always a lot of love (if you veer away from whats considered cool) but I think you'll get respect just the same. Just do what you do and wear what you want. And be ready to suffer the consequences. This is exactly what I'm experiencing right now as a high school grad starting college in the fall....
Quote: Originally Posted by bonanz how is the denim? It's not current day stf is it? Actually it is. I wasn't sure at first, so I placed the two side-by-side to compare and they were identical both in color and in texture.
Quote: Originally Posted by razuel What about those men and women who are waiting until marriage to have sex? Do you think that everything they built up until their marriage was a lie? They are being led on by false promises of a better and more fulfilling sexual experience. The shit will hit the fan when the guy can't last three minutes before nutting. All they were really building up to were medical bills for all of the therapy sessions...
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini
Quote: Originally Posted by no_pseudonym Do they have beaver tails down south? No, but we have ox tails and alligator tails. EDIT: I wasn't aware that "beaver tails" were actually pastries. When I say we have ox tails and alligator tails, I mean exactly that.
Quote: Originally Posted by razuel I'm not getting laid for awhile. I'm taking it slow because I'm looking for a longer term relationship. The physical aspect plays a big part in establishing a lasting relationship. However, you could justify that train of thought if you're terrible in bed to delay the inevitable.
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