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Sounds like Mel needs a hug.
*That's* how you wear a hat.
I'd agree that slim fit in a cold climate is probably not a good option. I live in Canada and I find a more generous cut heavy wool double breasted coat is good for layering underneath. I also would try to get one with a higher button stance, some of the single breasted coats I've seen seem to have the lapels cut so that the coat does not start to button until it's practically half-way down your chest.
I agree, I thought it was a suit at first.
Once again we wore the same outfit. Must be a grey-day uniform.
Great first post!
Happy Birthday!
Love the hat! I've also broken my felt ones out for the Fall.
Don't know what your hat size is but I've bought quite a few of these New Old Stock fedoras from Johnny Phi. Great prices and quality. http://www.johnnyphi.com/index.php/store.html
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