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He *is* a weapon.
I agree epic bump.
I also prefer longer style overcoats. Glad to see you are back posting!
I'm your size as well, with similar health issues, and I find boys size 18r work great for shoulder fit, etc. Much cheaper than men's 34s and often the same quality from major makers like Brooks Brothers. I also find Brooks Brothers ESF or SF 14.5/32 work great. Steve Smith here on the forum resells Brooks Brothers items and I've purchased a ton of shirts from him in ESF/SF.
I agree. I'm from central Canada and even in our winters that trapper hat is overkill, so for sure it's not needed in Toronto.
You and your fits will be missed! Have a good trip.
Don't go faux fur! Try the real stuff!
Look into the brioni double breasted overcoats, bigger lapels but a trimmer fit.
Sounds like Mel needs a hug.
*That's* how you wear a hat.
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