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Are you a 34s? A boy's 18r is pretty close to a 34s (I wear both). Try Brooks Brother's Boys section, I've found a few well-fitting suits there.
Regardless of the jacket snugness, your fits are always amazing!
Great fit!
You, sir, are a God among men.
How do you get your account deleted?
Or Chip and Sweetie
Great hat!
Great fit in the waist.
I own about 10 hats. 2 summer type hats, 2 winter type hats, and the remaining 6 more of a fall/spring weight. All of them are fedoras, mostly vintage from the 50s. I use a small hat brush to clean them whenever they look a bit dirty. I'm proud to say I wear a hat every single day. I'm in my late 30s.
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