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One of my hats.
Thank you very much NYR
For some reason I just know that Crusty will be able to explain this all to us perfectly.
Details on the bag?
I'd agree perhaps a Burberry would provide to be a better value. I have one and it's bulletproof.
What is this coat made of? Shearling? Outstanding!
Wow great fit!
That's a good way to put it, it's a 2-person trench.
Well my Burberrys full length trench arrived today - it's built like a tank. I'm a bit surprised however about how bulky they fit torso-wise. shoulders and arms are fine but boy it is roomy. However, I am a very slim and short fellow so I can't really be surprised. I'd recommend hitting up eBay or a thift shop to find a vintage trench!
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