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Beautiful fit crusty!!!'
Deets on the coat?
What a great fit crusty!
Badass fit!
Wow - amazing fit.
No it's simply a PSA.
The Mallory (grey one on the right) is a nice brand of hat and this one seems to be in condition, the hole in the liner notwithstanding. The Mallory also looks pretty clean, but a light brushing would not hurt. It could also use a reblocking or at least some shaping using a bit of steam. Might be beaver felt or rabbit. My Mallory is rabbit and looks similar texture-wise. The other one is made of wool and not really worth much, but still useful as a knockabout hat, but kind...
Exactly.I will say that after being out in a week of heavy rain, the full length below the knee trench was fantastic.
If she's game, eBay is an great place to get Burberry trenches for great prices. That's where I got mine. Under $200, brand new.
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