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Those are pretty slick looking boots, but wow, 36,000 yen is over $460. I'd take a pair of Alden Indy boots at that price. Thankfully this winter has been dry that I can hold off on boots till next year.
I just heard back from them, and it's bad news:"The boots viewed on the website were actually boots that were a made up specifically for an overseas retailer and are not available in the US. However, if you view JCrew’s catalog, you will see similar boots in their line."I've seen the boots on the JCrew site, and they only have a really dark brown 6" version that doesn't really look like the boots in that picture. Not to mention they're marked up 50%. Oh well, I think...
Those new styles in that picture look great. I just emailed their customer support to find out when they will be available.
Plot the hypotenuse as a function of the X coordinate. It will be of the form Y=mX, where m is the slope, which is height/base. Now your equation will give you the height (Y value) for any given distance (X value).
+1 for $15 LEC jeans. From what I've heard the thighs are a bit roomier than most slim jeans, but they fit my athletic legs perfectly. Only problem is the longest inseam offered is 34", but is really only about 33" prewash.
Quote: Originally Posted by TrojanGarb The normal vans stores generally won't have the CA line. The powers of the internet fail on these, sold old everywhere. Try their stocklist and check with some of those B&M stores. I've lost motivation to go that far, but let us know if you have any luck. Thanks for the knowledge. I actually don't live too far from a few of those stores. The website was...
Does anyone have any info about the Vans - LPE CA Canvas, specifically true white/gum sole? I have searched everywhere and they are sold out. Are they an older style? Would the b&m vans stores carry them?
Can anyone recommend a pair of sneakers that is white with a gum sole for under $150? I found a pair of vans at, but they're sold out and I can't find that style anywhere else.
This is the wrong thread to read at 2 in the morning when you are hungry.
Quote: Originally Posted by ManofKent Today: Denham Levi Albam Red Wing I really like the look of that jacket over the shirt. Great look.
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