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Can I hijack your thread to ask a question. Any of you gents been to Berne? Is there any good shopping to be done? I'm looking at buying shoes and some suits. Will be staying at the Allegro Hotel. Look at the pics and weep! Anybody stayed there? To be honest it was the casino that sold it to me. So any good advice about shops, restaurants and clubs round there would be appreciated.
Errr.....at least you ate veggies? Dust yourself off and get back on it. Faint heart never won fair lady and other such irrelevant motivational quotes! Two words: stomach staple.
Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield. Nuff said. If you don't know who they are, you shouldn't be allowed sideburns. I rest my case.
Quote: Originally Posted by ville_e Any new recommendations for Barcelona?? Hotels, restaurants, shops etc.? Advice is most appreciated. Thank you! Where to start with the hotels? What kind of budget are you thinking? Have a look at this list of Barcelona hotels to see what suits your pocket. Then I can help you with some personal recommendations. Cheers.
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