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Quote: Originally Posted by Ace Rimmer In the sport watch (automatic diver) category, one of my recent favorites has been the Orient Blue Mako. Goes for $110-150 at Kenmar. Orient star is their bit higher end line - I just picked up: You can get them new for less than $400. Probably less than $300.
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan Is there a global mortgage crisis emerging? Have you been living under a (Northern) Rock? Sorry, sorry, I just had to
Quote: Originally Posted by Despos That is my dilemma. It would be tough for me to look any better naked. I honestly lol-ed.
Quote: Originally Posted by sonick If say, an American went to Amsterdam on a vacation and indulged in some "special" baked goods and came back, I would assume it's not considered 'illegal'. Probably not illegal. Though, if the government wanted to, they could criminalize something like "leaving the country for the purpose of using marijuana." I believe that there is a law like that for leaving the country to have sex with...
Quote: Originally Posted by AnGeLiCbOrIs Is self-promotion allowed (encouraged?) in this thread? I don't know about encouraged, but it seems to be allowed.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dedalus I see that you are from Scotland. Hooray for Mogwai, Belle and Sebastian, Arab Strap, and Idlewild! Beta Band is very upset at being left out.
Quote: Originally Posted by lefty Do you know what 5.3% BF looks like? That's a competition percentage. Follow this link and scroll down to Shredded. Compare to yourself. lefty That "sliced" guy is f--ing freaky.
Girl Talk - Night Ripper It's like a mashup on steroids.
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan Or a topline Sony SXRD projector which is based on LCOS technology and a little better than regular DLP. Projector central just did a buying guide, and there were a number of LCOS projectors (both SXRD and d-ila) in their preferred models.
Dad - garbageman Mom - mostly a stay-at-home mom, but also had some odd babysitting and cleaning jobs
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