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Quote: Originally Posted by Dedalus I see that you are from Scotland. Hooray for Mogwai, Belle and Sebastian, Arab Strap, and Idlewild! Beta Band is very upset at being left out.
Quote: Originally Posted by lefty Do you know what 5.3% BF looks like? That's a competition percentage. Follow this link and scroll down to Shredded. Compare to yourself. lefty That "sliced" guy is f--ing freaky.
Girl Talk - Night Ripper It's like a mashup on steroids.
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan Or a topline Sony SXRD projector which is based on LCOS technology and a little better than regular DLP. Projector central just did a buying guide, and there were a number of LCOS projectors (both SXRD and d-ila) in their preferred models.
Quote: Originally Posted by rdawson808 Booked a long weekend in Chicago for May also. Where you staying at?
Quote: Originally Posted by shoe all of these are come with "in addition to regular exercise and diet" so , they will work for you psychologically. in other words, placebo. most of them are not FDA approved. Another option are those pills that give you horrible shits if you eat any fat. Those are FDA approved, but remember to bring along some emergency pants.
Quote: Originally Posted by shoe thanks i will check this out. are you sure the APC all stretch out 2 inches? im afraid to buy a 29 or 30 and it be too tight Check out the APC thread in the streetwear and denim forum. They certainly a) run big to start then b) stretch plenty.
Quote: Originally Posted by antirabbit Ok Guys The AE shoes are now $45.00 shipped, with cedar shoe trees. I'll take them. 10.5D, right? PM me your paypal address.
Quote: Originally Posted by redmania I don't mean Homer J simpson big. I mean rugby player big. I have big thighs and am a 36inch waist it's rare that I can find denim that's nice and fits my large thighs. How big are your thighs? Mine are ~22-24" (I'm getting weird measurements here), and the APC rescues work great.
Quote: Originally Posted by arnach Pass Labs Aleph 3 Amplifier (DIY) Nice space heater
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