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Are you really posting someone's address and phone number and recommending that the OP "take matters into his own hands"? Jesus, man, get help. She's not even in the wrong here.
Quote: Originally Posted by otc EFF would probably step up in the defense of anybody who actually got sued. Not really. They rarely (if ever?) defend anyone. At most you might get a referral to their cooperatin attorneys e-mail list. e: And i agree with the people that are saying that they have a point.
Still on the lookout...
multi, vitaman D, fish oil, sometimes glucosamine There have been some pretty huge studies on vitamin C mega-dosing, and little evidence of any benefit.
If you are under 6 foot 3, and don't have a full head of hair, WAYSA?
Quote: Originally Posted by ghdtpdna You simply get toned in chest area only, spot reducing in general does not exist. Well, all "get toned" means is losing fat or gaining muscle, so although he can't spot reduce the fat, he can certainly spot-gain the muscle. But he doesn't want to do that, which means he just has to lose fat. e: And to the OP, if you only want to lift 2-3 days a week, and don't want to get all bulky, I'd look at...
Quote: Originally Posted by scarphe cut out carbs completely from your diet. eat less meat change most of meat or carb consumption with light fruits and vegetables. Translation: Quote: Originally Posted by scarphe cut out carbs completely from your diet. replace meat and carbs with carbs. OK, so I'm 8 months late. e: But seriously, I've seen a ton of people do amazing things on low-carb ketogenic diets.
Looking for roughly 20-ish" shoulders and about a 46-47" inch chest measurement. Budget is somewhat flexible. I'm looking for something decent, preferably fully canvassed. Something like Ralph Lauren blue label/corneliani would be perfect. Something like Purple label may stretch the budget, but I'd look at it. I've spent way too much time looking at this on ebay, but the only interesting ones I've found are a Borelli that's probably out of my price range and has...
I'm sure you looked already, but there are some NWT 44L RLPL tuxes on ebay. One button peak lapel. 1000 and 1200. Only like a 46" chest, so probably would work, chest-wise.
Have any bigger dudes ordered an indochino suit with any success? I'm like a 44R.
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