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Shoulders look quite wide, and that really can't be altered.
Quote: Originally Posted by YoungAmerican That jacket is about 3" too short. It's barely clearing your waist. Yeah, what the hell.
Not exactly white, but I have this guy - I think it looks very nice with a light blue shirt. I am pretty dark complexioned.
Quote: Originally Posted by rjakapeanut i really have no other choice than to go to law school. Incorrect.
If you get 3 days of DOMS after every leg workout, you are doing something wrong. Try a potassium supplement or something.
Quote: Originally Posted by Big Pun Is it normal for people to squat more than they can deadlift? I'm not exactly normal (can bench more than squat almost) but this seems odd to me. Is your squat depth good? Generally, for lower level lifters, the DL is higher, but that isn't always the case. Theoretical maximum squat is probably higher than deadlift, though it's difficult to compare the two with all the geared lifting and terrible squat depth...
Suspicious -
I think the coat is a little big, but the pants just seem outlandish. Kind of weird proportions.
Quote: Originally Posted by Blackhood Just to let you know that the T M Lewin one is Semi-Canvas and can be had for £200 in the right sale season. Might not be as "designer" as you're looking for, but mine has served me well for several years. Thanks, I'll keep that in mind in case I don't find something nicer. Still looking.
Quote: Originally Posted by GrillinFool I'm the one that's not happy with grill manufacturer that shall not be named, but no way I go anywhere close to that. I was thinking a strongly worded response letter saying how disappointed I am that all the free advertising I have done for said grill manufacturer was met with such disdain. That's way over the line... Yikes... She certainly could use some lessons in tact.
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