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Off the top of my head, my favorites are JLC, Lange, and IWC.
Quote: Originally Posted by hendrix pyramided up to a 5x340lb deadlift today, then 2x364lbs. Gonna go for 5x350 next week. if only my bench and squat were progressing so quickly. My squat has become laughable. In four months: bench - 5x175 -> 3x5x225 deadlift - 1RM from 325-415, 5RM from ~275->375 squat - 5RM from 225->245 heh
Quote: Originally Posted by APK - FWIW, I only rest about 30-45 seconds between sets. I'm probably using close to the same weight for a lot of exercises I was using a year or two ago when I'd rest for 60-120 seconds. It's a bitch with stuff like lunges, but with most other lifts, I only find myself really struggling to finish sets near the end with the shortened rest periods. I think a lot of people take way too long in between sets under the guise...
Based on the ingredient list, it basically just looks like gatorade+whey. Am I missing anything?
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Quote: Originally Posted by intent Back to Baroni --- If they're so great, how come none of these so-called reviews have real world fit pics? I am taking my "Baroni" suit and my "Enzo Tovare" tuxedo to the tailor today. If they turn out OK, I will post some pics. But to be honest, I'm a great big fat person, so suits just aren't going to look that great on me.
Quote: Originally Posted by teddieriley Seems like I've read an almost identical review before - including the whole bit about the glowing review by the tailor. Not that I don't believe the story, but it seems outdated. Didn't the Wiz change the model names of the suits over a year ago? They are no longer Baroni's but Valentino (or whatever), Daniele and a couple of other models? Yeah, I don't know why, but what are listed as "Daniele" are...
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Quote: Originally Posted by makker Without any special injections, are there any "normal" ways to get more testosterone? Lift heavy weights.
Quote: Originally Posted by ConcernedParent The first 6 months I started working out... the morning after each workout I would feel like I was hit by a mother fucking train. Whatever I worked would be so sore I would have trouble doing daily activities. Now, not so much. I'm going up in weight and AFTER the workout (after I do the exercises or when I leave the gym) I still have that "I just got destroyed in there" feeling- but the soreness isn't there,...
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