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Quote: Originally Posted by Achilles_ I haven't been able to find ephedrine for some time now http://www.drugstore.com/bronkaid-du...msrch=bronkaid
Quote: Originally Posted by Sunnydale Sure and happy to post a few web sights that might be of help. A couple MD web sights that I have learned diet and supplement information from are: Dr Davis, a cardiologist http://heartscanblog.blogspot.com/ & Dr Eades main web sight (Dr Eades, along with his wife, used to run a weight loss clinic.) http://www.proteinpower.com/drmike/ I also enjoy Tom Naughton's page. Lots of good diet information there, mixed...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sunnydale You might try adding more protein to your diet. Dr Eades posted the latest study about that: More protein = greater weight loss. http://twitter.com/DrEades Probably because protein results in greater satiety than fat or carbs, IIRC.
No shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rikkar501 Out of curiosity, what are you guys paying for gym memberships? Apparently I'm the big loser. I pay like $145 a month. It's really like half country club, half gym though. Quote: Originally Posted by fuji I'm getting horrible side effects from stimulants. The workout on them is great, i lift more and stay focused and my veins really stick out but afterwards I really start to shake...
Quote: Originally Posted by TrH Agreed, low bar squats ROCK! Bit of a bummer though, talked today w/ the campus gym manager... he was saying something like banning chalk use - totally not cool. I do know the guy pretty well, so maybe I wouldn't catch hell for using some. Otherwise I just have to sneak it in Try an Ecoball.
Quote: Originally Posted by TrH Just dump the bar... doesn't look too difficult now, does it? That is one impressive performance right there. Is he is probably an olympic lifter? Those guys do a lot of bailing on lifts, so get more used to it than your typical powerlifter type. e: Oh, that's Koklyaev´╗┐. He owns.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pennglock I don't completely agree with the article linked above. At least with my case of tight hips, the hamstrings were not getting adequate involvement, and hip flexors were taking more than their fair share of the load. A further problem is that it's very tough to keep lumbar extention at the bottom of your squat with tight hips- this is going to cause your knees to slide forward at the bottom and youre not going to be...
Quote: Originally Posted by skitlets Life has been hectic, I haven't been to the gym in about 2 months. Anyways, I took some time off to rest my hip flexors. They were really hurting from high bar back squats. They're normally tight so I always stretch beforehand but it seems any significant weight on the bar will cause some pain. Is this indicative of improper form? Tough to say, but it could be indicative of poor glute activation. ...
They sound like vegetarian nutjobs. "Fat and cholesterol: Primary poisons" Eek. Also, his diet would be terrible for anyone remotely active. It's almost entirely carbohydrate based. I would also guess that the diet is in fact so low-fat as to impair nutrient absorption and impact neurological function, but I haven't read much on absurdly low-fat diets.
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