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Nothing to get excited about but I finally bought a pair of decent jeans. Next up: shoes, obviously.
Nice. I have these on regular old broke-ass DVD. I've gone to these a few times while horribly ill and they always make me feel better. Did you get all the production extras, too? Many hours of viewing pleasure.I think the longest dl I ever suffered through was all seasons of TNG. Took over a month but it's been worth it.
I have two pairs and they are both good quality. Service is excellent. Their prices are too high. I actually just returned some cords. I found the "azure" color was not for me in practice. I have had them for about 5 months and have worn and washed half a dozen times. Their return policy is: "any pant, any time, for any reason," and they live up to it. I'm getting $105 back - cash, not store credit. That's a pretty good return policy if you ask me.
Well, the poll here is unanimous. In other news, I actually have this dishwasher and it is indeed very quiet. Works great, too. I hope no one finds my remarks about it offensive.
It is my first and I'm not super into babies. But as baby-related experiences go, it's a nice one. Beats other moments in the day like my transit pass being eaten by the machine, or my computer locking up.
My wife is about 5 months pregnant right now and each night I fall asleep with one hand on her belly feeling the baby kick around. Pretty happy-making.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lane buncha homos Yeah. Not that there's anything wrong with that I'm writing from Market Street in SF now and I will plainly admit that this city is indeed very dirty and the homeless problem is really bad. I think the two are closely related, actually. Let 10,000 borderline comatose addicts live on the streets and not surprisingly they emit a wee touch of litter. Regarding the rest of the original post,...
Like the tweeds & herringbones
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