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Quote: Originally Posted by why I just ate a piece of bread. Before that I took my shoes off. How far back should I go? I just spat out my coffee.
Quote: Originally Posted by appolyon Not weighing in with any serious discussion but just wanted to share this link that I get some enjoyment out of. http://www.latfh.com/ I'm not posting the link for fear of offending someone, but if you rearrange the words that website's acronym is from there's another site that puts a great naked twist on the original's formula.
Quote: Originally Posted by NakedYoga Haha. If you can figure out a way to deep fry sweet tea, you will become the richest man in the world and the patron saint of the American South. Paging Wiley Dufresne... I make cold-brewed iced tea all the time. Put 8-10 teaspoons of tea in a gallon bottle, add cold water and stick it in the fridge. In the morning strain or take out the bags and you're good to go. Amazing iced tea and a cinch to...
The ones in the middle: Attachment 25034
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson I'm pretty equally both. I have no problem staying out all night, and I have no problem waking up early. As long as I'm not doing multiple days in a row where it's out all night and then up early for the day, I can handle either pretty well. +1 I love to stay up late and I love to get up early depending on what my plans are. But yeah, definitely not in combination with each other.
Quote: Originally Posted by jefe +1,000. Burial pretty much falls into the dubstep genre, though his album work is broader than that. There's tons and tons and tons of good dubstep right now. Check out a recording of 'generation bass' from MaryAnne Hobbs on bbc radio1 experimental - or the original 'dubstep wars' from the same show. Mary Anne Hobbs' Evangeline is a great mix as well. It's more spread out sonically, not just grime and...
Jason Moran
I could go on forever too. Electronic music takes up about 80% of my daily listening. Here's today's lineup so far: Wisp Appleblim Shackleton The Bug Fennesz Gas Vladislav Delay Twerk Soundmurderer
Payment sent for hoodie this morning. Thanks!
This makes as much sense as a live action He-Man movie. Oh wait...
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