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does it come with a lawnmower?
I am back. For some reason I can't edit my first post but I'm thinking about selling these again.
ok, I've leaving the country on Thursday so if you're interested you need to contact me ASAP.
Quote: Originally Posted by -Stylist- by any chance, will you get some japanese or korean? Nope, sorry. I don't expect to get any other DVDs in any time soon (if ever)... if I get any more in, they'll be of the languages I currently offer.
another price drop. help put food in my mouth.
Everyone orders placed before Friday night has been shipped. Also, I'm almost out of thses DVDs. I still have each langauge available but I only have 2-4 left of each language. I'll be out of town for about a month starting about the 14th of this month so if you're interested you better order soon.
make me an offer. I want the rest of these sold.
prices lowered it is pretty much an exact copy of rosetta stone but it is all free (and online).
About 3-4 people placed an order within the past 3 days and there is going to be a slight delay because I ran out of bubble-wrap. they'll go out friday.
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