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Vote for clean back for the OCBD's. Second place would be side pleats and box pleats in a distant last.
What is a JR dovetail heel? Also are there any advantages to having dovetail heels? I don't think I really care one way or the other for the heel. However, I do really like the topy on the forefoot to prevent slipping.
Thanks for the responses. Seems a bit ridiculous to get the entire heel replaced. Do you think the cobbler would replace it with another "dovetail heel" or just a normal all black rubber heel that most Allen Edmonds shoes have?
I recently purchased both the Fifth Ave's and Strand from Brooks Brothers and had a question regarding the soles: Would a cobbler be able to just fix the tiny puzzle like rubber sole piece when it gets worn down? I previously had the non Brooks Brothers version of the Park Ave and it had a full heel piece.
Half the team does not know how to tie their ties!
It seems like the nicer brand shirts don't have them and the RTW shirts have them...Is this standard? I like them closed.
or do your shirts not even have them and the area just stays open?
what an eclectic collection. What is "DonDiego" 19 for Spain? Any Newcastle kits?
Can anyone ID this tie. I always see him wearing this tie and would like one for myself.
I am only 5'9 so I don't think a buying a tie in long will work. If anything the long tie will have a longer narrow end. Is the reason the knot is so small that my neck is only 15''? when i am done tying the tie the narrow end is the same length as the wider end which both hit just at my belt. This of course leads to a tiny knot because it was tied only with the narrow part of the tie.
New Posts  All Forums: