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style forum isn't real life? fuck.
yea, i know i need to up my shoe game:
Thanks for the feedback, Stanley, that's super helpful. I thought the cardigan fit pretty well until I started taking pictures of myself in it. Oof. I tried removing the tie, and pulled the sleeves of the cardi further up my shoulders, since the seam was falling past my natural shoulder. I also cuffed my jeans, but they don't fold very cleanly:The chest and waist do look too big. Is that something that can be taken in easily? I've never tried to have sweaters and such...
The shoes look fine, I think it's a color thing--so much contrast between the pant and shoes draws my eye down. Let the contrast stay between the shirt and that sweet jacket.
@RFX45: black shoes look a bit too heavy.
I guess my eye's just not used to those fits. I was raised working class, wearing clothes that were too big for me so that I could "grow into" them. Nowadays I wear clothes that fit my body better, and haven't learned to look at other kinds of fits. Something for me to work on, room to grow. I won't post critiques on those fits anymore.
I've been lurking for a while but haven't posted much. I forget how I heard about it. Why?
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