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"Quit saving and buy that double wide you pieeccee off shit!"
That's suicide, but I'll try it.
This is how to use an Elmer Fudd Class
Nothing pisses me off more than someone who is a lousy tipper, especially the people who try to justify the shitty tip with some backwards ass logic. Last week I had knee surgery so I am either in a wheelchair or on crutches, and this past weekend was my girlfriends birthday. Since, I was in a lot of pain we had to postpone our original plans until October so we went to a great local restaurant instead. When we approached the door of the restaurant the manager/bartender...
LOL Albert. The knee is alright, but I can't put any weight on it for 4-6 weeks. It's funny that you mentioned that chair lift or whatever the fuck it's called, because my friends and I were joking around about that same exact thing a couple of days ago.
I had knee surgery last week and can't do anything so Netflix streaming has been a godsend. I've watched a lot of stuff so far and really enjoyed "Exit Through the Gift Shop" and "Harry Brown." Let's keep the suggestions coming guys!
I bet Mauro is getting flashbanged a lot less now that I've been commission..
Your girlfriend sounds pretty naive. I dont see how you could have done anything wrong considering the two of you were not exclusive. Just because she was committed through her own wishful thinking, it does not constitute a relationship on your part.
I am one big connection.
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