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I'm reading it mostly because I want to see what it has to say, which makes it feel like a homework assignment. The beginning wasnt bad, but now after being a few hundred pages into it feels like it just slowed to a snails pace.
Maybe Mauro will learn his lesson now.
Excellent, I might have to do the red wine since I cant exactly go to the store.
Who is on tonight? I'm available all evening...
So I shouldnt feel guilty about not being able to get through Atlas Shrugged?
Also, here is the shot heard 'round the world. This is the kill that sent Mauro off on his first tirade of the evening. You can clearly see in the video that I was shooting at an enemy and Mauro ran right into my line of fire. He didnt care, and proceeded to wish that my surgical wounds get severely infected causing my leg to get amputated. The funny thing is, at that point Mauro was only 1-3 so I'm not sure why he went so crazy.
I was mistaken it was actually 2 kills from 1 shotgun shell, but still 4 kills in like 3 seconds. Unfortunately, when you upload the video to youtube through the game itself the quality of the video suffers... bonus material
Core sucks. I could care about dobule XP if I'm not having any fun.
Watched Mesrine:Killer instinct today. Really enjoyed the movie start to finish and am looking forward to part 2.
You make yourself sound like an idiot.
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